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revolution 20 Sep 2014, 01:07
include 'win32axp.inc'

        dd      function1
        dd      function2

        stdcall [ebx*4+call_table],eax,edx,ecx  ;<--- error: invalid expression.


.end begin    
        stdcall [ebx*4+call_table],eax,edx,ecx      ;<--- error: invalid expression.
C:\<path>\fasm\include/win32axp.inc [58] stdcall [5]:
             if defined proc \# % & count@stdcall <> proc \# %
error: invalid expression.    
The expression evaluates to:
if defined [ebx*4+call_table]% & count@stdcall <> [ebx*4+call_table]%    
And the workaround of loading the address first into a register is not possible when there are no spare registers:
        mov     reg,[ebx*4+call_table]
        stdcall reg,eax,edx,ecx ;<--- Okay only if we have a spare register    
Post 20 Sep 2014, 01:07
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