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l_inc 04 Aug 2014, 13:13
smiddy wrote:
I think if you search hard enough on here, someone has left a CDROM iso image that can be used for what he wants

I have a set of macros for creating bootable floppy and ISO-images. In the simplest case one would be able to compile an ISO-image with the following code:
format binary as "iso"

include 'eltorito.inc'

macro bootcode
    jmp 0:configure
    xor ax,ax
    mov ds,ax
    mov es,ax
    mov ss,ax
    mov sp,7c00h
    mov ax,1300h
    mov bx,000Ah
    xor dx,dx
    mov cx,message.end-message
    call message.end
        message db 'Hello. I am your OS.'
    pop bp
    int 10h
    jmp @B

iso_image bootcode

If there's a need to create a file/directory structure, one may use more advanced macro sets instead: "iso9660.inc" or "joliet.inc" . The tree definition syntax is pretty much the same as here. The relevant include files are attached.

Filename: JOLIET.INC
Filesize: 38.09 KB
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Filename: ISO9660.INC
Filesize: 25.56 KB
Downloaded: 603 Time(s)

Filesize: 12.32 KB
Downloaded: 587 Time(s)

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Post 04 Aug 2014, 13:13
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