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Joined: 03 Apr 2011
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dim Word1$(30)
dim Word2$(30)

Word1$(1) = "Song gone really wrong"
Word1$(2) = "Night fear too far near"
Word1$(3) = "Holy good without should"
Word1$(4) = "Dark wish rest fish"
Word1$(5) = "Asking more final score"
Word1$(6) = "Deal without heal"
Word1$(7) = "Years sorry tears"
Word1$(8) = "Kings scary rings"
Word1$(9) = "Start without a part"
Word1$(10) = "Never risk the disk"
Word1$(11) = "Fight long while strong"
Word1$(12) = "Symbols clear are here"
Word1$(13) = "Dreams black attack"
Word1$(14) = "Fantasy one not done"
Word1$(15) = "Not fair in my share"
Word1$(16) = "King wish silver dish"
Word1$(17) = "Holy good only should"
Word1$(18) = "Wounded man now I can"
Word1$(19) = "Evil sin poison win"
Word1$(20) = "Dark error wicked terror"
Word1$(21) = "Forever time chime"
Word1$(22) = "Worry event penny spent"
Word1$(23) = "Invest in only one test"
Word1$(24) = "Boy found great joy"
Word1$(25) = "Ages bring new stages"
Word1$(26) = "Boil rock cook book"
Word1$(27) = "Free for all wild call"
Word1$(28) = "Monsters strive to be alive"
Word1$(29) = "Sail ships rack tips"
Word1$(30) = "Hero star takes us far"

Word2$(1) = "price of mine nice"
Word2$(2) = "only do right for delight"
Word2$(3) = "logic zaps taking naps"
Word2$(4) = "over seas land on trees"
Word2$(5) = "I put my best on the test"
Word2$(6) = "peace not fail north sail"
Word2$(7) = "no laws in the claws"
Word2$(8) = "taste a drop never stop"
Word2$(9) = "my crew also needs you"
Word2$(10) = "device will suffice"
Word2$(11) = "lock down my town"
Word2$(12) = "duck avoids the truck"
Word2$(13) = "poison date unlock gate"
Word2$(14) = "only truth is youth"
Word2$(15) = "beer and ice packed nice"
Word2$(16) = "tingle brain in rain"
Word2$(17) = "one glitch forever witch"
Word2$(18) = "celebrate ago work we know"
Word2$(19) = "forgotten stages lost ages"
Word2$(20) = "I never got my full lot"
Word2$(21) = "from 1 to 10 has not been"
Word2$(22) = "stare into my priceless share"
Word2$(23) = "gaze into a special maze"
Word2$(24) = "life is bad without dad"
Word2$(25) = "broken sail wind wail"
Word2$(26) = "evil greed fills my need"
Word2$(27) = "good troop lost at full cost"
Word2$(28) = "win at last story stash"
Word2$(29) = "ship sails tonight delight"
Word2$(30) = "orbit power wings tower"

screen 0

color 15,0

for J = 1 to 20
k1 = rnd(0)
k1 = k1 mod 30
k1 = k1 + 1
if old1 = k1 then Redo1:
old1 = k1

k2 = rnd(0)
k2 = k2 mod 30
k2 = k2 + 1
if old2 = k2 then Redo2:
old2 = k2

color 13,0
print j;
color 14,0
print Word1$(k1);
print " ";
print Word2$(k2);
print ","

next j

color 11,0
print "Press any key to restart or q to exit..."
k$ = ""
while k$ = ""
k$ = inkey$
k$ = lcase$(k$)
if k$ = "q" then
goto Main:
Post 26 Jun 2014, 11:16
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Joined: 08 Dec 2006
Posts: 1901
if k$ = "q" then
goto Main:

NOT only desperately inefficient, but it even has a BUG !!! Should be:

if k$ = "q" then
goto Hell!
Post 26 Jun 2014, 11:52
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