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Around mid-2012 two(2) updates turned up for XP that whilst injecting some minor amount of security into a "non-securable" system interfered with my computers ability to be able to select the only graphics mode that gives graphics-pixel control the same as the XP screen does... that's right... corner to corner IN DOS... proof of the pudding is when,in 2005 when I was showing my boss that the outlandish claim that I have just made was in reality... FACT! A subroutine set down in a text-book by Robert E Haskell doesn't work back in 2006 then not-work the next time I use it on the same machine in 2014... Now... the way you can tell if you can get around this hitch "simply" as I have been advised is to go... start>Control Panel>Add or Remove, and right-click on "Show Updates"... scroll down to where the updates start and first have a quick scan to see if the majority of the dates of insertion are prior to June 2012... if they are then start looking for update "KB2707511" and "KB2709162"... if you find them in your update group then I have it from the Microsoft users forum that it is safe to simply "delete" these two offenders and everything "works fine again"... however, if you find that your group of updates is dated mid-June 2012 onwards then there is a copy of the chat that I had with a reputable advisory site available... if the management of this site don't mind a bit of address swapping... so that you can make up your own mind on a course of action. the above-mentioned updates won't appear on poste mid-June 2012 update groups as sneaky old Microsoft learned how to integrate it with the rest of the soup and now... up until "Shutdown XP-Day", 8th April, those of us that program lose more of our sytem-bound capabilities... the error message that would have come up at the time quoted, "an error has occured with NTVDM.exe. The system must now shutdown"..... Hope I'm not too late
Post 04 Mar 2014, 12:50
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It's ok to move on my friend. It doesn't mean you have to buy everything, you know. Very Happy
Post 04 Mar 2014, 15:00
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