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Kenneth 09 Feb 2014, 07:06
tl;dr: non-beginner example of dll injection with hooking and injectee function calls, and a nice injector chooser. also sapi, manual GetProcAddress, windows keyboard hooking, (basic example) using fasm to make interpretable scripts, and maybe more (or less). Plus this code actually returns from the createremotethread call which no example ever did when I was writing this years ago and my application eventually pooped cause msdn clearly says you need to return from the dll init routine first or it will cause problems (started not working when I created more threads/processes).

Maybe this will be useful for someone else, maybe if I had the time I'd make a generic example or something, but if you're willing to look through some source code you can find some interesting things related to making a bot for your favorite game and some other things. This is just a dump of some old source I haven't used for years (still uses %fasminc% thats how old it is).
There's some basic stuff like using sapi, treeviews, tab control, keyboard hook, some file mapping stuff, EnumWindows, but you would probably be better off googling it than looking through here if that is all you want. But there is some other stuff like xtea encryption/decryption (ported from masm), settinging up useful structures examples from the raw data from the injected process, manually finding function addresses from dll's, and using internal functions of the injectee. I think this version also has the (very) basic foundation for the scripting system I was going to implement that used fasm as a backend to compile scripts, I specifically wanted them interpreted for security reasons instead of using fasm to assemble real code to be executed. But you can reserve memory for variables and use c syntax to modify them by a constant should be working.

If you are interested in what this bot actually does (did, it's years old and will no longer work) it was made for Tibia www.tibia.com. It has some basic useful features like a decent auto-looter, hunter, and healer. You can make waypoints for the autohunter to know what path to walk and it will attack mobs, it will order them based on distance and uses a reverse engineered internal function to figure out if the mob is even reachable to be able to be attacked. It uses plenty of hooks if you want to know how to hook another application and how to call and use reverse engineered functions. Should also be a packet logger in there somewhere that I made for my own benefit for developing. Should also have some ingame alerts triggered via recv packet hooking and outputting via sapi. I have many sources of this project so I'm not sure what all this one contains but all these things were written and working at one point. (I also have a version with a database compiled via fasm that would automatically use the correct elemental spell for exploiting mob weaknesses lying around somewhere)
This approach uses dll injection method and comes with an injector. The injector I made is probably the most complete part of it all. Instead of just using FindWindow , it uses EnumWindow and ReadProcessMemory to see if you're logged in and under what character name. You can choose to inject Tibia by the character you are logged onto, inject them all, inject a fresh one with CreateProcess or just start a virgin process without your dll.

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Post 09 Feb 2014, 07:06
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