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sid123 31 Jan 2014, 05:29
I am looking for a 16 bit HL (preferably C), compiler. I am planning to start a new OS where in everything would be written in an high level language including the boot sector. Don't ask why.
Also, I'd like to use them for my current real mode OS project, for applications. I have both UNIX and Windows Machines, so platform isn't a problem. The only 4 things I need are :
1. No DOS interrupt usage, My OS will/does not support any DOS interrupt.
2. My OS Loads specific files at specific points, for example the application dependencies are loaded at 0x0000, the application code is loaded at 0x7000.
3. File Headers
Ability to spit out NEX files (joking it's my own file format which looks like this, pseudo code Razz)
      db 'NT'
     .entry dw NEX_ENTRYPOINT
     .data_sec dw NEX_DATA_SECTION
     .ralloc_seg dw NEX_REALLOC_SEG
     .file_attr dw NEX_INFO

4. Multi Segmented model is preferred but not compulsory.
So does anyone know if such a compiler exists?
In my research I've found these ones :
Sphinx C--, Problem comes about documentation and headers.
OpenWatcom, Never used it but seeing that FreeDOS uses OpenWatcom gives me a good impression.
Bruce C Compiler, Solves everything but there is a not enough documentation.
GCC, I hate the Operand Size prefix, makes it incompatible with the 8086.

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Post 31 Jan 2014, 05:29
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Trinitek 30 Jun 2015, 09:01
Did you ever find something suitable to your needs? I've been wondering the same thing for some time now.
Post 30 Jun 2015, 09:01
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