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This is a little 2 complex for me.

I would like it modified to remove some alphabetic characters.

45 is . and 95 is _ which is confusing to me.

If I want to remove the "Y" character, what would I need to add ?


:: Rem_Bad_Chars.bat  Remove non-alphanumeric characters from file names
::                    Herbert Kleebauer alt.msdos.batch.nt Saturday, June 29, 2013 
@echo off
setlocal enabledelayedexpansion

:: create _.bat with the rename commands to change any non alphnumeric
:: character in filenames to _

set tmp1=_tmp1.tmp
set tmp2=_tmp2.tmp
set tmp3=_tmp3.tmp
set tmp4=_tmp4.tmp

dir /b >%tmp4%

call :fopen %tmp4%
set n=0

set rename=false
set oldname=
set newname=

call :getc_hex char %n%
set /a n=n+1

if %char%==-1 goto :l5
if %char%==0d goto :l1
if %char%==0a goto :l2
set /a char_dec=0x%char%

set oldname=%oldname% %char%
if %char%==25 set oldname=%oldname% %char%

if %char_dec% equ 46 goto :l4 
if %char_dec% equ 95 goto :l4

if %char_dec% lss 48 goto :l3
if %char_dec% leq 57 goto :l4

if %char_dec% lss 65 goto :l3
if %char_dec% leq 90 goto :l4

if %char_dec% lss 97 goto :l3
if %char_dec% leq 122 goto :l4

::set newname=%newname% 5f
set rename=true
goto :l1

set newname=%newname% %char%
goto :l1

if %rename%==false goto :l0
echo 72 65 6e 20 22 %oldname% 22 20 %newname% 0d 0a>>%tmp3%

goto :l0


:: convert hexfile tmp3 to binary outfile
certutil -f -decodehex %tmp3% _.bat >nul
if exist %tmp3% del %tmp3%
if exist %tmp4% del %tmp4%

call :fclose

goto :eof

set fsize=%~z1
set cache=-1
certutil  -f -encodehex %1 %tmp1% 4 >nul
set n=0
if exist %tmp2% del %tmp2%

for /f "tokens=1-16" %%a in (%tmp1%) do (
 set /p =%%a%%b%%c%%d%%e%%f%%g%%h%%i%%j%%k%%l%%m%%n%%o%%p<nul >>%tmp2%
 set /a n=n+1
 if !n!==64 echo.>>%tmp2% & set n=0)

goto :eof

del %tmp1%
del %tmp2%
goto :eof

if %2 GEQ %fsize% set /a %1=-1 & goto :eof
set /a i=%2/1024 & set /a j=2*(%2%%1024)
if %i%==%cache% goto :skip
echo                                       read cache line %i%
set cache=%i%
set skip=
if %i% GEQ 1 set skip="skip=%i%"
for /f %skip% %%i in (%tmp2%) do (
  set line=%%i & goto :skip)
call set %1=%%line:~%j%,2%%
goto :eof    
Edit by revolution: Added code tags. Now we can read it!
Post 12 Jan 2014, 04:38
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what the fuck... There are batch-code forums out there where you are more likely to get help quickly.
Post 12 Jan 2014, 06:07
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