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I found this to be the most important one:

Hot: GitHub
Not: Résumés

Sure, you could learn something by reading a puffed-up list of accomplishments that include vice president of the junior high chess club. But reading someone's actual code is so much richer and more instructive. Do they write good comments? Do they waste too much time breaking things into tiny classes that do little? Is there a real architecture with room for expansion? All these questions can be answered by a glimpse at some code.

This is why participating in open source projects is becoming more and more important for finding a job. Sharing the code from a proprietary project is hard, but open source code can go everywhere.


During interview, people can speak highly of the projects they have work on, design patterns, advanced algorithms, and so on. And looking directly at their code is a good way to asses their knowledge/skill.

I think being involved in open source projects is very benificial for improving your coding skill (becase you can get feedbacks from lots of people). And it looks good on your resume. What do you guys think?
Post 07 Jan 2014, 06:51
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