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sid123 17 Nov 2013, 11:53
So, I have got two kernels,
One is the main one called from my own second stage bootloader known as NTLOAD.SYS, as APOS16.SYS (Kernel Filename),
Now that I need to extend my kernel API and keeping my kernel size limited, I've got to do intersegmental syscalls like :
; Assuming I'm in segment 0x2000
; I would do this
jmp 0x3000:0x0000
jmp 0x3000:0x0003
jmp 0x3000:0x0004
; and so on........

Basically I would load a file called BOOTDRV.SYS which contains these calls,
Now I have written some code but they don't seem to work.
My Kernel Caller,
; Load the BOOTDRV.SYS (Boot Drivers) in memory at 0x3000
        ; First Initialize the FDD
        call init_FDD
        ; Set up segments
        cli                             ; Clear interrupts
        mov ax, 0
        mov ss, ax                      
        mov sp, 0FFFFh
        mov ax,2000h                    
        mov ds, ax                      
        mov es, ax                      
        mov fs, ax                      
        mov ax,0x3000 ; ---> Reserved for BOOTDRV.SYS
        mov gs,ax
        call load_kernel
        call os_command_line ; Start the Interface
        mov ax, .pos16_sys
        mov cx, 28768
        call os_load_file
        jc os_fatal_error
        push es
        push 0x3000
        pop es
        mov si, 28768
        mov di, 0
        mov cx, bx
        rep movsb
        mov ax, 0000h
        mov es, ax
        mov word [es:0014h], 0x3000
        mov word [es:0016h], .BOOT_BREAK
        mov word [es:006Ch], 0x3000 
        mov word [es:006Eh], .BOOT_BREAK
        pop es
        .pos16_sys db 'BOOTDRV.SYS',0
        pop ax
        pop ax
        push 2000h
        push os_command_line

And here's how my extended kernel looks like :
; POS16 Extended API
jmp os_lol ; 0x3000:0x0000
        pop word [gs:flags_tmp]
        cmp byte [gs:internal_call], 1
        jge .internal_return
        mov word [gs:return_ax_tmp], ax
        mov ax, fs
        mov ds, ax
        mov es, ax
        pop ax
        push 0x2000
        push ax
        mov ax, [gs:return_ax_tmp]
        push word [gs:flags_tmp]
flags_tmp                       dw 0
internal_call                   dw 0            ; cancels os_return
return_ax_tmp                   dw 0
        mov ah,0x0E
        jmp .loop
        cmp al,0
        je .done
        int 10h
        jmp SEGMENT_RETURN

And I perform the call like this :
ext_print equ 3000h:0000h
mov si,lol2
call ext_print
jmp back_2_interface
lol2 db 'LOL! Printed from the Extended Kernel',0

When I execute this my OS halts and then the screen is almost unreadable?
Is there something wrong?[/code]

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Post 17 Nov 2013, 11:53
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revolution 18 Nov 2013, 01:36
Seem rather complicated. Perhaps instead you can try something like this:
mov si,text
mov ax,cs
mov ds,ax
call 0x3000:ext_print
jmp $
text: db 'Hello World!',0

;... skip to segment 0x3000
org 0
        call    int_print

        ; 'int 0x10' printing code goes here
Post 18 Nov 2013, 01:36
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