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bitRAKE 03 Aug 2013, 13:34
baldr, Hm..., I thought JC=JB. Is there some additional context which I am missing? I like to use the instruction which matches the flag - if possible. The (C)arry flag is set, so I use JC. This is purely stylistic on my part though. JB is a higher conceptual notation, the destination being (B)elow the source - in the unsigned integer sort of way. Smile

Stout and Warren's paper from 1986 is a good start, if one wants to control the balancing in a non-dynamic way. We can imagine a list being analogous to a static vine (vine, as from the paper), and they outline an optimal way to convert that into a tree.

[Which would result in a table and code reduction to FASM, but has the added complication of alternate list (tree) organization.]

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Post 03 Aug 2013, 13:34
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