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facebook seems to pick and choose what posts of mine to keep and delete, sorry...

don't be like me and conspire a cop with your fears because my radical views means i am a rose in a garden of corn, i am invincible from fasting, and if your like me, don't get in trouble, because they make you eat, if you say NO like i tried, they will make you, it is 3 meals a day food pyramid, the law, and if your too sleepy to go to school cant focus, you have to sit in hard chair 3 hours, no in your room in bed, and you HAVE to swim in the pool, no talking to girls.

how do all the old ladies in ******** damn place take their meds, they hurt their body, they puncture their skin, their only choice is to take the *wrong* prescriptions, or they will get hurt bad bad, old peoples homes these dayz.

Software is like Pop Rocks, Microsoft gets annoyed, and the .DLL is patched, every version of windows gets weaker, and all you see is admin dick in your face.

Oops, dog sperm got into her 19 year old egg and they found out O shit surgery, and she hears them talking about shooting an officer as they operate, sex crimes these days.

God NO, my dreams have a lot of bad happening in them, most are abuse from doctors who are also a lawyer, and police who are also a judge, and priests who are also witchdoctors, HOT LZ here.

Cops are very busy taking 911 calls, not bothering me i hope they beat down crooks, doctors always use the first tool that comes to mind, because the patient agrees, good, and judges keep the dentists getting everyone who tells me to brush, takes a load off my shoulders, and priests keep all the old people in fear of God, now no hope for them less people to be a potential hero for, and cowboys are an inward war, implosion of sin.

Lucifer has a strong distaste for my soul being pure and divine, he monitors my diet like an evil man with horns, and God and Him analyze my sleeping dreams heavy get the image, when i wake up i forget my dreams and i see eggs leaking out their ears, they steal, and they give me cramps, and death threat me, swarm bad men around me, and make me forgetful so only they know the answers, like they can complete my science project first, so they can compare their self with me who wins first at E=mc2

O GOD NO Elvis, Michael Jackson, science took them, they watched they died and could see their body dead, reality was THERE MAN, and as they looked, they saw a sheet cover them and got in an autopsy cut up they badly treated their dead body, when Elvis and Michael died they treated their body like trash, and they were floating above it during, OMG

Shawn Cooks Law #1 is if your mental or physical illness is NOT in the W++ language then your chemist superiors DO NOT know what is wrong with you, so they use funny little cryptic words TO LABEL your entire or partial self with something they can medicate so they can fully know you, in W++ there are endless Functions(x) that cover every medical issue from A to Z so DO NOT let any All Knowing Superior give you a dog tag that says what's wrong with your Health, simply look it up in my book i have posted on my HomePage and you will know how Easy you have it they didn't catch you early.

O shit after all i realized something BIG, humans are supposed to NEVER eat food starvation is a BIG FAT LIE, we don't die of starvation, we turn into pure energy, death only happens when the One Holy God flips your switches and knocks your gravity and separates your spirit and you die, while Lucifer uses jealous digestion, best bet is to not eat and have something VERY solid to gain a spiritual physical grip on reality, because eating creates bone, muscular, digestive, cardiovascular systems that SHOULD NOT EXIST, we should be just a dream, fucking Uncle Sam and his big Fib.

imagine in the center of our brain is a complex orbit with the nucleus as thought, shell1=dreams shell2=mind shell3=spirit, the moons are our insight and talent, and most awareness is in our soul that travels anywhere, and shell3 runs at a frequency parallel to our anatomy, and as our soul travels deeper into the center of our brain, there is a portal that connects us with our very own private cosmic universe, and our biology king is imagination that sits in our bone marrow.

now i am developing an Operating System called Love Bugs Version 2.0 you can use the finished complete Version 1.0 available on my Home Page, i just finished version 1.0 and progress on 2.0 seems slow, i want this to be a huge upgrade, and rewrite everything, add lots of stuff, improve all my old stuff, add new marvels and wonders, create more languages and tutorials, schematics, maps, and plans, yet i work close to alone on this project, and it requires a lot of typing, and i have very limited resources during it's creation, i hope to end my dependance on Linux, DOS, and Windows, and have the Kernel 100% it's own OS, i need your help with formulas, because the greater you assist, the more nice it will be when finished for you to download, this will not be cheap code, i will use all available expense to generate a great, grade A+ factory free and for anyone, lets hope my notes and plots go smooth, yet some things put a big stop on parts of it's construction, sorry, hopefully i will get funding for equipment required for what you want in my upcoming LoveBugs OS 2.0

Type03 "DWELL" Fire fighters should add soap to their water, because of the foam.

Words in the english dictionary are very bad, there is only one set of "actual" words, seems harm and complaints have hundreds of variations, most people use stubborn, stupid, and impolite words throughout the day, it is not the word that has the power, it is the voices in your head that pierce your mind with the potent words that is deadly, our memories can haunt us dreadfully, hurtful destructive words such as evil and bad create insults and threats, because school teachers made them take years to learn.

The greatest mystery that boggles the mysterious mind, the great question is "What is math?" little numbers and symbols that trigger our neurons to tell an answer. That is confusing, what chemicals does doing 1+1=2 in your mind REALLY produce? What is math? A mysterious process that happens in the mind or on a computer, chemical logic, scary we could make poison, or new types of math get invented and we have no idea what they produce, or a flaw in reality that blackens mystical, perhaps we will never know, until there is greater study of the brain.
Post 13 Jul 2013, 16:10
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i dont care about math. There are evil people. Also evil rules. Made up to assist presense of some evil.. wich can be cured later by these same groups (but other side of the groups). This is a way for the small to keep dependent and a way for the large to keep the small and even smaller in check in a blunt way while they macroscopically get larger and bigger and stronger.

Part of it are habbits and perhaps not designed as for this purpose for the great ones during the initial period of devising a way to control large populations by a small amount of people.
Post 13 Jul 2013, 20:47
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Joined: 02 Sep 2007
Posts: 1291
Location: Ukraine, Beregovo
IMPORTANT: do not starve, starving is prediected to cause at first discomfort, then after a while it is not so bad.. then at the end a sharp fall would happen, and the conscousness is lost then death follows. U can understand it because blood carries all the nutrients.. and one breathes air.. if one holds back air for a short while can feel cognitive deficits of sort (although i dont think its a good idea to try while starving).
U should eat something.
Post 13 Jul 2013, 20:56
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