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I pretty much prefer C. It's simple enough and pretty transparent debugging-wise.

Why not assembly? I'm too lazy to do the register allocation by hand.

Why not C++? It's a big black box full of all kinds of magic and voodoo. If all of the operators have been overloaded, the class hierarchy deep and template magic has been used alongside with STL I don't think there are many people in the world who can fix a mess like that. Of course you can use a smaller safe subset of the language but then again will the libraries available let you?

Yes, code written with any language can be made a mess but then again some languages will help you less in doing so.

Why not simply assembly with macros? Macros tend to become a bit messy and I don't like that. I'd also like a proper strong type system and macros usually don't help with that. At least not when writing assembly.

So macros? Maybe if we were talking about Common Lisp-ish computational macros instead of with the full power of a high level language behind them.

Optimization? As long as things run as fast I need them it's fine.

Development speed? I hate waiting for compilation and linking to finish. I also hate needless verbosity which takes time typing.

Size? I like things small but it's a trade-off. I don't want to finetune longer than is absolutely necessary.

Standalone? Yes please. I hate IDEs. As long as I have Vim, Mercurial and the other basic tools in a console window with bash I have all I need. I don't want to move a whole IDE around. Especially not an IDE tied to a Windows registry and all that installation hassle. I strongly dislike tying myself into some piece of software that tries to do too much on my behalf. And if it fails to do so it is a royal pain to fix.

So there they are. My reasons for using some of the languages I use. I often use Python though and sometimes even Java. At work C++ is also necessary along with PHP and Perl. Used to use a lot of Common Lisp. I'm hoping that some day I'll be able to write software with something which combines the best parts of Lisp and C with prototype-based OOP and possibly network transparent actors as an optional feature.
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