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cool!!! Very Happy

can you post the source code please? i'd like to test it Smile

mikokawasaki wrote:
I got it working now....

im posting for anyone interested...

thank you randall for "pointing" that out...
i learned something new...

heres the working shader code thing im using...

invoke wglGetProcAddress,"glCreateShader"
mov [glCreateShader],rax
invoke wglGetProcAddress,"glCreateProgram"
mov [glCreateProgram],rax
invoke wglGetProcAddress,"glShaderSource"
mov [glShaderSource],rax
invoke wglGetProcAddress,"glCompileShader"
mov [glCompileShader],rax
invoke wglGetProcAddress,"glAttachShader" 
mov [glAttachShader],rax
invoke wglGetProcAddress,"glLinkProgram" 
mov [glLinkProgram],rax
invoke wglGetProcAddress,"glUseProgram"
mov [glUseProgram],rax

invoke glCreateShader, GL_FRAGMENT_SHADER
mov [vs],rax
invoke glCreateProgram
mov [prg],rax
invoke glShaderSource,[vs],1,_fshader_ptr,0
invoke glCompileShader,[vs]
invoke glAttachShader,[prg],[vs]
invoke glLinkProgram,[prg]
invoke glUseProgram,[prg]


glGenBuffers dq ?
glCreateShader dq ?
glCreateProgram dq ?
glShaderSource dq ?
glCompileShader dq ?
glAttachShader dq ?
glLinkProgram dq ?
glUseProgram dq ?
vs dq ?
prg dq ?

  align 1
  _fshader db 'void main(){ gl_FragColor = vec4(0.0,0.0,1.0,1.0); }  ',0   
  align 8 
  _fshader_ptr dq _fshader

Post 04 Jun 2013, 20:50
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