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so right now on this small but perhaps quite usable land, there is something already sewn or thingy, so this will be mowed down recently or something so about a few month waiting till putting anything new there. I have to get ibuprofen tested for alergy on and go to sleeplab to see if i have normal sleep cycle (hope i wont get sabotaged). then ibuprofen is taken to stimulate (perhaps) cns axonal growth. then it is taken for some time, i also have about 2100 more pages to read for human nutrition and for some gardening and so forth. in the meantime have to make a thing for capturing lightnings (so that something wont get fried will have to put it far enough on a large tree and so forth (so that things are likely in safe distance animals if killed at all are killed anyway when lighting strikes.
then will figure out what to do with this land so that it can make things, one is waterborn things another is energy plant then utilize soil in there and other stuff to build some home then there is a building anything to be though should be made of send glass whatever (as applicable) it is rather simple.. but mabe other alternatives. Then some loner children who are thrown away or would breath glues or somethin would be adopted there (i think) but of course have to have good food production system so that it is more efficient then animal based food processing.
then have to make camera,, perhaps if needed ask for donations, and build own electornics components there holding standards of telecommunication (being it impossible to trust others as any components can be screwed up,, at least my thing should be without unwanted bugs). then if there are enough donations then buy enough land or somewhere else perhaps and move there communication equipment plus electronics and so forth.. and basicly the homes will work good efficiency without animal sacrefices and so forth.
But nearby where i was living there were some killings happening as someone have noted, without further detail, so thus if a new thing is built one have to somehow ensure safety. police here are rather corrupt to say the least.. so i am not realy sure. anyway my health currently is not so good. well i think i will make some weapons.. i dont know it is quite hard.. i dont know people but many are at least such that they are quick to lure others into traps if they see others as weak and they are quick to threathen others, and police alos is connected to them so this way they might wanna anger one to attack others who are threathening one. so this is a very fucked up country where i live so i will see whatever is possible.
Post 25 May 2013, 23:05
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