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amphan 04 May 2004, 11:30
Dear dir;
I write a macro like this;
macro cmpef op1,op2

fld dword [ebx+op1]
fld dword [ebx+op2]
fxch st1
fnstsw ax
and byte ah,69
cmp byte ah,64
je .L3
jmp .l4
I use fasmc v1.52 compile (on win xp pro) and i use w32dasm decompile for check machine code correct or not like this;

Disassembly of File: C:\fasm\aaa
Code Offset = 00000000, Code Size = 0000001C
Data Offset = 00000000, Data Size = 00000000

Number of Objects = 0001 (dec), Imagebase = 00000000h

Object01: RVA: 00000000 Offset: 00000000 Size: 0000001C Flags: 00000000

Number of Imported Modules = 0 (decimal)

+++++++++++++++++++ IMPORT MODULE DETAILS +++++++++++++++

+++++++++++++++++++ EXPORTED FUNCTIONS ++++++++++++++++++
Number of Exported Functions = 0000 (decimal)

+++++++++++++++++++ ASSEMBLY CODE LISTING ++++++++++++++++++
//********************** Start of Code in Object BinaryCode **************
Program Entry Point Not Available

:00000000 D9437B fld dword ptr [ebx+7B]
:00000003 D983EA000000 fld dword ptr [ebx+000000EA]
:00000009 D9C9 fxch st(0), st(1)
:0000000B DA BYTE 0dah
:0000000C E9DFE09080 jmp 8090E0F0
:00000011 E445 in al, 45
:00000013 80FC40 cmp ah, 40
:00000016 7403 je 0000001B
:00000018 F8 clc
:00000019 EB01 jmp 0000001C
:0000001B F9 stc

I don't know fasm or w32dasm wrong. Anybody can help me please? Cool

Post 04 May 2004, 11:30
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vid 04 May 2004, 18:54
i quess it's problem of your disassembler. HIEW disassembled DA E9 properly as fucompp. Maybe it's unstandard opcode for this instruction or something like that. Btw, did you try IDA (Interactive DisAssembler). I personally like it more than w32dasm (altough it lacks ome features of w32dasm)
Post 04 May 2004, 18:54
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