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aaro 06 May 2004, 00:44
some c headers converted for fasm. and imports for some dlls.
here's macros that you need for these:
macro _union_declare_data [arg] {

macro union [arg] {
  local ..union_addr, peak
  peak = $

  virtual at ..union_addr
    _union_declare_data arg
    if $ > peak
      peak = $
    end if
  end virtual

  rb peak - $

macro switch var {
  macro case val _%
    macro var ¤ val

  macro endswitch _%
    purge var#var

  default fix case var
  macro var#var _% %_

anymore headers you would like to be converted? more dlls that need imports?

Sorry for so lame post, i was tired when wrote that. Here's list of .h files that has been converted:

    commctrl.h, commdlg.h, gl.h, glu.h, guiddef.h, odbcinst.h, odbcss.h, oleauto.h, qos.h, richedit.h, shellapi.h, sql.h, sqlext.h, sqltypes.h, sqlucode.h, winbase.h, windef.h, winerror.h, wingdi.h, wininet.h, winioctl.h, winnetwk.h, winnls32.h, winnt.h, winperf.h, winreg.h, winsock2.h, winspool.h, winsvc.h, winuser.h, wtypes.h

Imports(and parameter numbers) are for these dlls:

    kernel32, user32, gdi32, comctl32, comdlg32, shell32, ws2_32, opengl32, glu32, odbc32, odbccp32, wininet, mpr, advapi32, winspool, oleaut32

There are equates, structures and imports for both ansi and unicode. You can change witch one to use by typing 'CHARSET fix ANSI' or 'CHARSET fix UNICODE' before including these files.

These need to be BEFORE switch macro:
¤ fix _¤
_¤ fix __¤
__¤ fix #

_% fix !%
!% fix {

%_ fix %!
%! fix }


Could someone move this to windows forum? Don't know why i posted this in main..

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Post 06 May 2004, 00:44
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