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Today in this day and age of such great technollagy we find ourself slipping into a new world of UEFI, locked firmware and dying expandability.

My mac book air has USB, thunder bolt and the only upgradable component is the HDD that doesn't even use sata but instead sits on a mPCI slot. It's fast as all hell, does whatever I want quickly and the hardware is less restricted than many current PCs due to the fact you can run any OS on it unlike the other 2 laptops I've owned prior that were locked to windows 8, one of witch I bricked in an attempt to install linux on it... The hardware is also similar in the fact that none of the other laptops really supported upgrades either.... one you couldn't actually even upgrade the HDD due to a proprietary magic, most likely that the serial was required by the UEFI...

But of all these things I've mentioned one thing that has stood for years has died... Serial connections... It seemed that even 6 years ago serial connections were prevalent on anything, and offered the ability to add on and create simple things. even the gameboy advance and DS had them, with the ability to add things such as keyboards, wireless connectivity(GBA) and rumble pack,s ect that they wouldn't normally be able to utilize, now the 3ds has expansion limited to an SD card and putting stickers on it.

Sadly I've excepted lack of expandability on my mack for open software capibility, but I really would love to see serial connections and basic apis to control them make a comeback. Sure it would be better without APIs, but in this day and age of locked up everything, I'd accept APIs just for some good serial ports. Even if they had to arrange them inline like a PCI bus to accommodate the new slim profiles...
Post 04 Feb 2015, 18:09
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on the other hand a raspberry pi has 40 general purpose IO pins with tools and documentation on them
Post 04 Feb 2015, 19:09
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When all else fails, read the source

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You can get USB-serial converters.

And USB-parallel.

Also USB-SATA (external drives).

I don't see any problem.
Post 05 Feb 2015, 00:06
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