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let say a customer walk into a shop, take some groceries, and try to walk out without paying,

a, we call him, and remind him that he hasnt pay (remind)

b, he continue his walk to exit

c, the guard using force try to block him from exit (force)

d, clash for forces here, he either stop or using his might to by pass the guard (violence)

e, assume he punches the guard or take out his gun, or knife, the guard falls down in pain (humiliation)

f. or the guard knock down that guy, subdue him using his might and handcuffed him

1. we accepted the idea, there are bullier in this world

2. if we are weak, without weapon, power, we will get bullied for sure, and there is nothing we can do,
(so, no blame to nk or iran or any countries who want something to hold, so as having a dignity, honor to speak and act in certain way)

3. using such idea, mean, everyone, countries want a nuclear like weapon in order to control, subdue others.

4. those who have no nuclear/weapon, is using trust, trust the person who got nuclear will not do harm to them

5. trust is a stupid thing because human change, everything change, virtually nothing is static, he may looks sane at this moment, but in the next moment, you wont know,

6. people/country get angry for virtually everything, everything can make them furious, crazy, insane, misunderstood, and more, means, you can kill 1000 people because of 1 matter between you and another guy.

7. is that possible for 2 or more heroes to co-exists? to do things in your way, means if it doesnt works in your way, you will use threat, violence, control, humiliation, bully, force, to get things into your way.

ah, as usual, unsolved questions will haunt you eternally, even after you are dead.
Post 13 Apr 2013, 19:01
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Joined: 02 Sep 2007
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and whats up with solved questions?

i find the thing legitimate. nice reasoning.

also here some legitimate but immoral things to consider.

-old person no wealthy has sex with 6-10 years old little girl => disgusting
-OLD fat person looks at porn done by 6-10 years olds => disgusting
-children 6-10 years old kissing or touching oneanother on the wrong place => cute
-children 6-10 years old watching child porn of 6-10 years olds while holding hands and kissing => ?o?
-10 month old kittens having sex moaning and meowing => gets on nerves of most people
-feeding meat to children makes them mature sexually earlier => they are more horny earlier.
-feeding children anabolic catabolic genderdetermination things at slightly but ok elevated level (hard to define) => they develop earlier
-children have their genitalie flooded with blood as they become aroused (swells up a little hot and moisty, pulsing with heartbeat) => they are more horny
-children have orgasms => they are less horny for a while
-60-70 years old people rubbing naked at one another => interesting
-i have changed my mind, children things on the earlier thing are not disgusting
-children completely naked pop out of the vagina of the mother => irresponsible, the child might have oxigen thingy less then C-section, and also dangerous and perhaps upsetting for the child
-wrong parts of children being touched by the towel wich wipes off all the fluid => its your job
-babies pissing into amnionic fluid, and tasting it => noone knows, but those damn doctors
-the pipe goes up in the arse of the female and gets flushed out. => yes, should not crap self or the baby in any kind of extraction positions, C section might not need this
-family structure and so forth is the most wonderful thing in society structure => somewhat doubting things
-wrong timing in determining C-section time (absence of test equipment) => bad idea
-getting aroused at nudist beach or at birth => strange
-remembering birth => at least i know i was not aroused there
Post 13 Apr 2013, 20:27
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Joined: 05 Oct 2006
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i agree,
underage sex must be prohibited, it is more than disgusting, because the target hasnt reach the age of reason,

the same as religion, shouldnt be push into children mind before they reach the age of reason,

porno watching with underage actor or victim must be prohibited.
Post 14 Apr 2013, 13:12
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Joined: 02 Sep 2007
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sleepsleep: i have not stated anywhere that underage sex must be prohibited. Have you read the rest of the text?
also there is no age of reason, many people remain fairly on the same level as they were at the age of 10 or similar (in fact most of the people). Their reasoning and motivatons change little.

No i dont think that it must be prohibited, If you think that it should remain prohibited, you should give reasons.

Also what is underage? cats or bonoboes other then human animals reach sexual maturity at a different age, perhaps due to their envrionment and dna differences, but humans also have dna and environment differences. Whatever the case it shouldnt be fixed to age. mabe it should be like a driving licence, if someone can prove the solution for second degree (?) equations (where there is the highest power of the unknown is 2), should be let to have sex. The proof should be explained why it is proved this way and why is it necessery. Without so much reason noone should be able to have sex, at least have no children (but child development recquires more and different informations).

but i am overall very much refrained from giving any conclusions here, the only sure thing that it is not fixed to age usually.
Porn watching would have only educational purpose (educational porn, with details and explanations) otherwise just documentation, as likley little things can be invented, or have need to invent too much new things for sexual intercourse (in comparision to whatever else).
underage porn is here vague definition and insufficient, so rather state, porn with underdeveloped actors.
but please note that for example parents or friends of parants used to hug or touch the babies for example, thus touching perhaps (during the hugging) their stomack, private parts or butts, it is also mildly true for bathing them. so mabe there should be no parents as parents and just educators (well for sure, as most are not qualified and etc).

as far as i believe touching itself is not necesserily harmfull. but for example one might learn or believe that touch is bad, then touch will have a bad content in certain cases at least, and also, touching a lot of times might cause discomfort (similar to how clothes touch the body, and being naked is more comfortable after a while then being in clothes). Sexual touch is perhaps more pleasurable, and it can lead to exceedingly pleasurable feelings, so then it in itself is not harmfull likely at any age.

ANYWAY: give reasons why u think that underage sex must be prohibited, and define rather what signals the developmental something something.
Also people used to cheat for example, wealthier older individuals even travel sometims somewhere else where they can have sex with 5-11 years olds or similar (the younger usually just sucks their dick i think but i do not know). And the wealthier are protected by police who looks after not wealthy pedophiles usually social outcasts. Yet they run the bitches, and want money from them (a cut) from their work, and etc.

So pedophilia is well accepted as usually the wealthy pays money for this for younger prostitues, and they accept the money, some of them might be abusied, but ttruely, the prostitute girls must stay healthy (it is reasonable).

But there is a need for a better system, because for one thing: they travel perhaps often for this, wich is a lot of waste in time. also overall take a look more at the amount of badwilling people always caring about who to destroy or say bad thigns about, or if not this, then they just try other ways to show off their coolness in front of others. the innovaters or good engineers are lesser in ammount, while the good organisers are even less (i believe).
Post 14 Apr 2013, 14:23
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Joined: 05 Oct 2006
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we know there are different compare human and animal, so you cant just link human to animal in one sense,

the reason there should be no sex with underage because they simply are not yet ready, their physical body might ready, but how about mental, the effect of having pregnant, the idea of living together,

and touching them, bathing them is different than to arouse them,

you cant give sex to an underage just because she asked for sex, asked for drug, asked for pleasure or anything,

sex when only both reach the ability to reason, logical thinking, having idea of family, having idea bout what is love, having idea bout what is possession, what is parenting, what is responsibilities,

having sex, babies without above criterias will proceed to create a family without strong foundation, in another mean, create more suffering, trouble to others.

i have no objection with red light street, prostitution, but underage prostitution must be prohibited, you choose to be prostitute because environment, because family members need money, surgery or etc reason,

but not because an adult arouse the teenage to make them addicted into sex, thus making them future prostitute, thats are different,

assume each children have equal bright opportunity, so, why adult want to ruined their future with sex?

i mean, sex should be something passive for underage, let those children discover themselves, pushing sex into their mind, body must be prohibited.
Post 15 Apr 2013, 11:01
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Joined: 02 Sep 2007
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Location: Ukraine, Beregovo
well, they might get aroused if you bath them for example. it is possible. This will cause a change of state in their mentality.
What do you mean by not ready? why do you think that body is ready but mind is not yet? Back up your claims somehow.
sex doesnt necesserily mean pregnancy and family.
how do you divide addiction from normal?
if they discover themselves it is active. Passive would be if they dont influence the flow of events much.

Again, the underage is not a good definition. what developmental mark would signify their readiness?.
Post 15 Apr 2013, 12:53
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Joined: 05 Oct 2006
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they might get aroused when you bath them, maybe, probably, but the adult is not intend to purposely arouse them,

adult should not actively, purposely, try to arouse children, kids, for the purpose to get sex, or input them religion stuffs.

idk how to define lots of things,

but why an adult who know how to think logically, reaching the age of reasoning, responsible want to have sex with underage? or a person that you know, understand, perceive, havent yet prepare to handle sex?
Post 15 Apr 2013, 15:10
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Post 16 Apr 2013, 02:07
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If no one claims it -- it is probably domestic.
Cause if it is Al-<whatever> or Taliban, they will yell about it on every corner.
Post 16 Apr 2013, 12:35
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Joined: 05 Oct 2006
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we are living among with insanity,

people who want to c4 and kill even those who are not target,
people who just want to kill everybody regarding what issue or no issue,
people who want to fuck underage, have sex with child, arouse kids,
people who live but have no fucking idea bout life,
people who keep on believe, believe, believe and never wake up,
people who choose, prefer religion over truth, over humanity, over justice,
people who keep on 9 to 5 and never want to ponder about their destination as a consciousness, as a existence, as a being,
people who lose all their every desire to figure out why they are here,
people who keep on hurting others with their arrogant, egoistic attitude, way of living and etc,
people who keep on demand everybody to follow them without realize they are not a good leader, they cant lead,
people who live to oppose whatever you decide even you bring science to them, proof, logical judgement, witness,

poor people at boston,
Post 16 Apr 2013, 16:11
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