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this should be it[/url]
Post 22 Dec 2012, 05:07
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this is kinda cool

the vision statement

We believe that the future belongs to people who learn to work together in groups that learn to work together with other groups in an open systems fashion.

Throughout history, we see that every time there is an improvement in societies technology for communication and data flow, there ensues a revolution for the better. The single most powerful advantage we have over other primates is probably our powerful, innate ability for language and communication. Upon that we have added books, telegraphs, telephones, radios, televisions, satellites, the Internet, and now web 2.0, approximately meaning the interactive Internet. What is there left for us then to do in the improvement of our communication models? Have we come to the top?

No.. we are a long ways from the top. In fact, it is thinkable that we are still fumbling around somewhere near the bottom.

Through long centuries of development, and especially in the last several decades, we have come to understand that the secrets of creating successful, complex structures are all around us. We can find them in our own bodies, in plants, in other animals, in the ecological network, the Internet and our social networks, We can discover them by observing successful business strategies, reading history, or even examining the nature of our own minds. Even computer simulations of complex systems have important clues to offer.

Because we can not expect single people to be mindful of all of the secrets of success, or to have adequate time and resources to manage the demands of world-competent projects it is a cinch that people must operate in groups. The dominant architecture of most observable and meaningful intelligence that we know of is that of a feedback network. So, combining these two logics, we can see plainly that a network of groups is the proper fundamental structure of society.

This logic is obvious enough that society has been something of a network of groups for quite some time. At least a few thousand years I would suppose.

But as we know, the world moves on, and things seldom stay the same for very long. The Internet has created opportunities to make more of ourselves than we have done in the past. We now have the opportunity to find people with whom we strongly share common interests. We have the opportunity to automate and even eliminate much of the tedium of getting together. Very well developed models of social resonance and flow have arrived on scene. It would seem that the world is poised for the development of a new, and more successful model of society.

At eGroupHub, we would like to help this transformation to take place. We want people to be able to play their part regardless of their set of personal talents, interests, and regardless of their level of development.
Post 22 Dec 2012, 10:26
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