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as all of my fasm friends know, i love to think,
i started to think about identification & verification,
just wanna share what i got so far,

how we identify something as something.

i define things into 2 group, living things (physical & non-physical) and non-living things (physical & non-physical)

to successfully identify something as something means we need to have a basic idea about that thing first.

we use our brain memory and logical sense to match our input,

the result of identification = 3 which are "known", "unknown" and "50-50 not so sure"

we doing lots of matching and confirm every millisecond, non-stop, and then remember our decisions.

now consider the following ideas,

1. you are dead, then you face one "object", and it claims, it is your god, will you then believe?
so, unless the idea of that "object" match your idea of god, otherwise, most probably you will call it satan or unknown or etc name.

2. the same things also happened for religion statements or etc words that needs "faith" to proceed.
let say, i claimed i fly to pluto yesterday, or a big 9.5 tsunami will hit on 21st Dec 2012, or i am the descendant of alien jesus

now, we got 2 attitudes when we face with match & confirm.
1. i don't care
2. i care, and i want to confirm it

so, where we got our ideas about everything?
books, media, internet, movies, talks and etc

the idea of everything (physical non-living things) is built on several basic elements, through the fix or those elements that comes up new elements, and then we give new name to those things that different from their previous characteristic.

since identification requires verification, then how about things / events that probably impossible to verify?
did you eat noddles on 1st Jan 2012?
what is the name of puma punku 1st leader?
who is the 1st human on earth?
is there a civilization on mars before on earth?
how the Atlantis civilization collapse?

if it is basically "unknown" and people still insists to believe it, then they use "faith"

i would say, "faith" is good for things that haven't yet happened, for future events, but not to past event.

to have "faith" in past things/events is totally ridiculous.
Post 14 Dec 2012, 14:59
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