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UBIWU 03 Dec 2012, 19:58
Hi !

I come from a far eastern country.

The FASM assembler is very powerful, fast and is easy to use. it shocked me.
When I first found out this assembler, I decided to throw MASM into trash can.
But, this nice assembler is almost no information to learn and almost people
don't know its existing in my country.

I often learn more new idea and technical in the forum.
I must feedback some I know.

Sorry, my English is not good so that I can not represent more...
( I read ok, but write is very poor Sad )

This is a my first FASM program.
This program uses SSE instruction to calculate matrix multiplication.

[1x4 vector] [4x4 matrix] = [1x4 vector]

You can download my source code and study it.

Assemble source code is very easy

fasm.exe fasm_matrix_sse.asm

Enjoy it!! Very Happy

Description: SSE Matrix Multiplication Source Code for FASM
Filename: fasm_matrix_sse.asm
Filesize: 3.93 KB
Downloaded: 635 Time(s)

Post 03 Dec 2012, 19:58
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