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marcinzabrze12 09 Dec 2012, 17:15
other hand. I used now DLL version of library STRING.INC and wrote code to display clock counter like this:

format pe gui 4.0
entry start
include 'win32ax.inc'

section '.code' code readable writeable executable

                stringa         db  'JakiStam LaNCUCH ZnakOw', 0
                stringb         db  'JakiStam LaNCUCH ZnakOw', 0

                timer1:         dq      ?
                timer2:         dq      ?

                txbuffer:       db      400h    dup 0


                invoke  QueryPerformanceCounter, timer1
;               ---------------------------------------
                invoke  lstrcmp, stringa, stringb    ;/  invoke  ansiCmp, stringa, stringb
;               ---------------------------------------
                invoke  QueryPerformanceCounter, timer2
;               ---------------------------------------
                mov     eax, [timer1]
                mov     ebx, [timer2]
                sub     ebx, eax
                cinvoke wsprintf, txbuffer, <'TIME:  %0.8d',13,10>, EBX
                invoke  MessageBox, 0, txbuffer, 'result:', 0
;               ---------------------------------------

section '.idata' import data readable
library kernel32, 'kernel32', user32, 'user32', string, 'NOAPI_STRING.DLL'
include  'api\kernel32.inc'
include  'api\user32.inc'
import   string,\
                ansiLength,             'ansiLength',\
                unicodeLength,          'unicodeLength',\
                ansiCopy,               'ansiCopy',\
                unicodeCopy,            'unicodeCopy',\
                ansiCat,                'ansiCat',\
                unicodeCat,             'unicodeCat',\
                ansiCmp,                'ansiCmp',\
                ansiCmpx,               'ansiCmpx',\
                unicodeCmp,             'unicodeCmp',\
                unicodeCmpx,            'unicodeCmpx',\
                ansiToBig,              'ansiToBig',\
                ansiToSmall,            'ansiToSmall',\
                unicodeToBig,           'unicodeToBig',\
                unicodeToSmall,         'unicodeToSmall',\
                unicodeToAnsi,          'unicodeToAnsi',\
                ansiToUnicode,          'ansiToUnicode'


Its shows that lstrcmp is about 100x slower than ansiCmp. Or may be i wrong way test time execution ?

EDIT: i uploaded dll version of STRING.INC file if someone want to test it:

Description: Dll version of STRING.INC + source
Filesize: 4.1 KB
Downloaded: 155 Time(s)

Post 09 Dec 2012, 17:15
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