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How would create an assembly function containing some arguments to call from c and return a value?
Example code please would be helpful.

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Post 14 Oct 2012, 07:01
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This is different depending on which compiler you use and the calling convention but the shape is the same. First you need to select the correct format for FASM to output:
format MS COFF ; 32bit VC (.obj)
format MS64 COFF ; 64bit VC (.obj)
format ELF ; 32bit GCC and others (.o)
format ELF64 ; 64bit GCC and others (.o)    
Next you will want to declare the functions you want to call from C; this is more tricky because of linker differences between cdecl, stdcall and fastcall as well as 32 or 64 bit. In FASM you can do this using public:
public my_function ; Simple extern
public my_function as '_my_function' ; Same as above but link name modified for calling convention    
Then you code the functions as normal but will have to account for the calling convention used:
        ; 64bit fastcall VC rax <- rcx, rdx
        ; unsigned long long my_function(unsigned long long x,void * p)

        mov rax,qword [rdx+8*rcx] ; return ((unsigned long long *)p)[i]

        ret ; no stack clean up

        ; 32bit cdecl (all) eax <- esp+4,...
        ; unsigned int my_function(unsigned int x,void * p)

        mov ecx,dword [esp+4]
        mov edx,dword [esp+8]

        mov eax,dword [edx+4*ecx] ; return ((unsigned int *)p)[i]

        ret ; no stack clean up      
To call from C, you declare the functions from above as externs and add you .o or .obj to the link stage in your C build - if you get linker errors this will likely be due to the name in the FASM object not matching the one expected by C so this may need to be adjusted.

Hopefully this is enough to point you in the right direction but if you have a specific case (compiler/convention/function) it is easier to work to.
Post 14 Oct 2012, 11:22
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