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FlierMate 25 Apr 2022, 14:03
This is my last year project, after researching disassembly output of ELF64 generated by FASM.

It was written in Pascal anyway, and only two basic commands are supported:

I found that the offset of message to be written is calculated as follows... although I still do not understand why is it not straight forward like RVA in Windows PE format?

addr := DataSegment.p_vaddr - FileHeader.e_entry - (cs_offset + SizeOf(addr)) + last_ds_offset;    

Please move this post to elsewhere if it is irrelevant to here. Thanks admins!

You can also watch the demo: https://asciinema.org/a/442351

Description: Disassembly of an example Linux program that use sys_read, sys_write and sys_exit
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Description: An experimental back-end compiler for Linux x64 (written in Pascal)
Filename: pipit.zip
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Post 25 Apr 2022, 14:03
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