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This is the simple difference between forced knowledge and true information.

The mind wants to remember its true origin and, via truth, it will head in that direction, but surrounded by fallacy and tales created by man, he will almost certainly get lost on a side road that will take him to numerous dead ends.

Why do so many of your people end up at the end of life feeling regrets and saying “if I could do it over.” This is because many follow what they feel is the least path of resistance or the most accepted way of life deemed by society as allowable.

Many never follow their wants and the pull of their inner voices in fear of existing as an individual.

Existing as an individual is the whole reason you are where you are right now in your dimension! You must exist as an individual or you wouldn’t have experienced splitting in the first place.

To merely follow the masses is to deny any opportunity to fulfill your purpose. However, you constantly look outward for direction, for heroes, for leaders, for kings, for God’s messengers, for love, for guidance, for information.

And still you feel that sometime in life you wished you had followed your intuition more often.

This is because the answers you seek are only found within yourself. This is why your entire dimension with grand planets and evolution and balance and black holes exists.

It exists for one purpose only, and that is for the individual to find within itself the path back to the whole, and it can only be found through true awareness expressed by moments of real mind emotion born out of self contemplation in the face of endless obstacles for the brief moment you experience as your life.
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