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hi guys,
need some hardware & deployment advices from you all,

recently contracted a job,
the requirement like below,

server that needs to serves at least 20 clients concurrent (will on from 9am to 2 am morning each day)

server needs to hold around 16TB of data, around 8 unit 2TB sata HDD, each file size around 200MB.

some files are encrypted, will get decrypted when access by client on the fly, perform by software coded from china on server (must be window based).

no mentioned about RAID requirement, but if it makes things more stable, customer would love it.

no mentioned about deployment strategy, maybe 3 small servers (4TB each) with windows drive mapping to serves all these 2TB data?

i just check their old server yesterday, running win2k server,

detected high % Disk Time and high Avg. Disk Queue Length

whenever % get high up, the client will hang and weird things happen, the old server onboard hard disk LED coloring red during client hang.

yes, i glad if you all could give me some insight on solution.
Post 04 Nov 2011, 00:06
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