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typedef 01 Sep 2011, 18:25
I have FASM on my Flash and when I plug it in on a different a computer. The drive path changes and I get this error


So I just made this little program to fix the ini file every time the drive changes.

format pe gui 4.0

entry start

include 'win32ax.inc'

section '.blob' code readable executable writeable

path rb 100h
ini  db 'INCLUDE'
buff rb 110h
iniFile rb 100h

key db 'Include',0
env db 'Environment',0

        push path
        push 100h
        call [GetCurrentDirectory]

        ;ini file section
        cinvoke wsprintf,buff,'%s\INCLUDE',path    ;OK

        ;ini file location
        cinvoke wsprintf,iniFile,'%s\FASMW.INI',path ;OK

        ;Attempt a fix
        invoke WritePrivateProfileString,env,key,buff,iniFile

section '.idata' import data readable

library user32,'user32.dll',\

include 'api/kernel32.inc'
include 'api/user32.inc'

In case some one runs into the same thing.
Post 01 Sep 2011, 18:25
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