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Joined: 21 Feb 2004
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Location: NY
Wishing 28 Mar 2004, 09:03
Well, im running MeOS on a pentium I 266 with MMX
Some things that seem so simple just seem terribly slow.
Slower than windows 98 X.X
Writing to the HDD seems to be very slow... so slow that i can hear the
loop that is doing the writing...
Sending sound blocks to motherboard speaker... One would think you could
send a continuous tone... but you cant.. even if you make a simple infinite loop. Im not sure what causes this.
I have a feeling that making system events triggere every 1/100th of a second is in fact too slow. Perhaps 200, or maybe even 500 or 1000, times per second would be better, smoother performance. Why limit the speed at which the system calls happen?

Take this into account: How can windows 98 slide and drag windows so fast if it is 'bloated' code???
Why isnt the asm faster???
Things like window redraws are comparibly slow on slower system where you ntoice the effects... yeah a pentium 4 helps... but pentium 4's can run poop code faster than you can tell its poop. While on pentium 1's this poop becomes stinkly evident.

I really dont want to seem like a complainer or a ridiculer of Ville and the rest. I assure you my interests are always for the benefit of this source and the OS. So I apologize ahead of time for anyone ive offended. These are just things im noticing. Feedback/constructive criticism is good.


Post 28 Mar 2004, 09:03
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Joined: 29 Mar 2004
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thunder 29 Mar 2004, 06:18
Hello all, ;]

yes, ASM language is very fast, but...Windows 9x in oposite of Menuetos uses drivers wich are very specific to that card or something, so Windows can take everything from that card. So, Menuetos uses just VESA standart, that is slow, if Ville would try to write just one driver to some video card like GeForce and would use in Menuetos, you would expire very fast vindow moving etc.

Everything depend on drivers ;] (...not everything ;])

Storm OS -www.stormos.net
Post 29 Mar 2004, 06:18
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Ivan Poddubny

Joined: 21 Sep 2003
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Location: Yaroslavl, Russia
Ivan Poddubny 29 Mar 2004, 12:17
1) Writing to a hard drive. You are absolutely right, this is almost the slowest thing in MenuetOS. Algorythm MeOS uses to write files is the worst one.
2) Windows (and probably Linux) is faster because:
a) Windows uses GOOD algorythms.
b) Windows uses optimized drivers, which are probably partially written in asm.

Assembly is NOT fast language, because language cannot be fast. Assembly makes programmer free, but it gives only the POSSIBILITY to write fast programs. Asm is a very powerful tool, but the speed mainly depends on a programmer, not programming language.
Post 29 Mar 2004, 12:17
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Joined: 19 Feb 2004
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Location: Denmark
f0dder 29 Mar 2004, 13:10

Why isnt the asm faster???

Assembly isn't a magic wand that makes things faster without efford - unfortunately you still have to write good code Smile. I'm not saying that MenuetOS has poor code quality though, as I haven't looked much at it - it's just a thing to keep in mind: any language requires you to write good code to perform well, assembly places *all* the responsibility on your shoulders. That's why you can achieve very good results if you *really* concentrate.

If you say harddrive performance is *very* poor with Menuet, I would guess it currently uses Programmed I/O for access instead of DMA - this is *Very* slow. But Menuet is still young, and I expect DMA transfers will be added in due time.
Post 29 Mar 2004, 13:10
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Joined: 15 Feb 2004
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Matt 29 Mar 2004, 17:56
After testing Network card,Soundblaster apps. and hardrive functions I feel the kernel needs more cycles for itself 1/100 just isn't cutting it if we are going to have an Mp3 or video player etc.

I'm sure better hardware drivers are on the way.

Better computing with a better OS "Menuet"
Post 29 Mar 2004, 17:56
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