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Controller 03 Jul 2011, 01:20
An open source library that
- records from the current soundcard
- performs FFT on the recorded samples
- returns an float array of spectrum data
- optionally multithreaded to keep data up to date without calling the library regulary
- returns either stereo, left or right, or mixed channel(s)
- returns up to ([for stereo: 2x]) 1024 spectrum values
- high optimized for speed/size (esp. compared to the original sources, but I guess there are still optimations possible)
- only uses kernel32.dll and winmm.dll
- working on windows 9x/nt series
Also features some cool demo applications written in PureBasic (see http://www.ctuser.net/ctuser.php?linespec )

Filename: LineSpec 3.23 (2010.05.24) source & binaries.zip
Filesize: 76.16 KB
Downloaded: 828 Time(s)

Post 03 Jul 2011, 01:20
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