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Joined: 27 Dec 2004
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r22 20 Jul 2011, 15:44
I long/interesting discussion about string and proc obfuscation.
Post 20 Jul 2011, 15:44
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f0dder 20 Jul 2011, 18:07
ctl3d32 wrote:
f0dder wrote:
But how long did it take until PS3 was hacked? How many legitimate games have been sold during that period that would have been pirated instead? Keep in mind that the console companies generally don't make their money on the console unit but on the games.

It took 1 year since Sony pissed of customers by removing OtherOS (many bought a PS3 because of that).
People started attacking PS3 security as soon as it came out, they didn't wait until Sony removed OtherOS capability (in fact, Sony removed OtherOS because it was being used as an attack vector).

I'd wager that PS3 security has been very effective at limiting piracy... and the protection measures are getting better for every new console generation.
Post 20 Jul 2011, 18:07
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Enko 20 Jul 2011, 20:01
Some mobiel phones come with a good simlock protection too.

Almoste all phones get unlocked passed some time. but the protection used by nokia, is the best in the market.
In bb5 nokias (base band 5) for unlocking the latest simlock (sl3) the procedure is by bruteforce and it requieres 2 latest ATI GPUs in crossfire ($550 usd each) so you can unlock 1 sl3 nokia per day.
1 ati latest gpu, and you make 1 each 2 days.

and yet, the serial number/imei are secured in : all iphones, almoste all of the latest blackberries, all nokias bb5 (sl1,sl2,sl3), and all of the motorola with android.

lg, samsung somehow are the simplest ones almoste every operation can be performed.
Post 20 Jul 2011, 20:01
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