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kingsz1 16 Mar 2004, 04:46
In windows XP command line prompt, I want to access a pin in serial port (com1 or com2) or parallal port. how yo program in FASM -dos version to do this task?
Thank you all.
Post 16 Mar 2004, 04:46
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Matrix 12 Sep 2004, 00:26
it is possible, but you will have to work on it a little Smile



dirty tricks:


it might be hard for beginners, but microsoft made nt systems and xp
to refuse allowing user programs to directly access i/o ports
in my opinion, they are suckers, and you should crack windows xp to allow port accesses and distribute your work. that whould be the best solution.
if you don't feel you can do it, see the above links.
this has no bright side, viruses and worms will infect your system like they did before, it only prevents programmers - who wanna make a program on windows - from making software, therefore you will rather buy software.
nice thing no? it lets viruses to do whatever and your program is not allowed to use parallel port - its crazy

Post 12 Sep 2004, 00:26
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