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sorry for the flooding, but now, i have a working version.

the demo lists can be made in separate files.

there is a reccursive inclusion of comcall inside comcall inside comcall, for the fun, and the tests (this is in the comcall.zip archive).

the list is longer than before

the codes that bug or crash are just "reted" (replace the file directive by a ret;)

and the result is fun.

before the timer and keyboard overhandlers, i should clean the code the more i can, but here, it is still very interresting to do something.

there are many little demos that crashes the system (the "reted" demos), be carefull before to test them.

the file size limit of your demo to include in this comcall project depends on the size of comcall.
you can include up to 65000 bytes in a .com program, then, since you don't reach the total sie of 65000 bytes, it is ok.

you can RET the recursive comcall item if you want to free some space.

and then, lets download the source code.

basically, it is what i hope to use in order to pack and test the demos from the 512b 2011 contest participants.
means that if you want to participate to the contest, you should use this application to test your entry. Very Happy

the discution will continue on the topic about this contest.

valid rules can be defined now.

the contest2011.asm source is what is intended to recieve your compo, in fasmsnippets folde and list.

it measure less than 1000 bytes, then, we have up to 64000 bytes to contain all the entries for this contest.

Description: c:\> fasm contest2011.asm
c:\> contest2011

Filename: contest2011.zip
Filesize: 45.11 KB
Downloaded: 342 Time(s)

Post 15 Jun 2011, 12:30
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edfed wrote:
i don't ask dos because i want to implement it from scratch, and for a bootable implementation.

(Sorry that my answer come some month later, but i am new and it takes a while to read all the postings.)

If we like to boot DOS and if we want to start a child like a *.com or an *.exe aplication with or without some parameters for the command line, than we can use function 4B00h of the int 21h.
This will generate a new PSP (maybe with an own relocation table) for the child-application and start it inside our parent-aplication.

      AH = 4Bh
    AL = type of load
       00h load and execute
        01h load but do not execute
         03h load overlay (see #01591)
       04h load and execute in background (European MS-DOS 4.0 only)
           "Exec & Go" (see also AH=80h)
 DS:DX -> ASCIZ program name (must include extension)
 ES:BX -> parameter block (see #01590,#01591,#01592)
  CX = mode (subfunction 04h only)
            0000h child placed in zombie mode after termination
         0001h child's return code discarded on termination
Return: CF clear if successful
       BX,DX destroyed
     if subfunction 01h, process ID set to new program's PSP; get with
              INT 21/AH=62h
       CF set on error
         AX = error code (01h,02h,05h,08h,0Ah,0Bh) (see #01680 at AH=59h)
Notes:........................more details in the RBIL....

Post 14 Nov 2011, 08:48
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