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Joined: 05 Feb 2004
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TAG 18 Mar 2004, 08:47
We all want MeOS to be cool and to have a future as a.. well may be not the perfect OS but the leading one. As you see there are not some many people around are working on it. Compare to other OSes. Why they started to help to develop these OSes? Because there is something that they needed. I mean now there is no need to develop calculators, chess and things like that for MeOS. The most IMPORTANT things are

1) To make an easy and quick installation (perhaps with some kind of auto setup in the future)

2) Make it bootalable from USB stick, PCMCIA card and things like that.

3) Then the GUI needs to be improved. Because this is what will the user see first. Not the bowring blue windows but many visual styles and effects. Because MeOS is going to be made for not just for programmers but also for usual users. Nice Gui will give probably 20-25 % of success.

4) Make it working on most of the PCs. Now, I know that this is really hard but that is no good to run it in bochs all the time. No need for 32bit color depth, about 256colors, but so they work on each machine. If we make MeOS working with most of the devices using just their basic functions then it'll help a lot.

In conclusion, MeOS has got perfect possibility to show the real power of ASM and this makes this OS benefitial compare to others. And this is just about it. Let's keep it real Smile
Post 18 Mar 2004, 08:47
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Joined: 18 Feb 2004
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compilax 19 Mar 2004, 08:03
I too think it should look cool to the users... MeOS has a lot of cool stuff... but they are only used in demos. Wouldnt the ability to have transparent window title bar thingies like Mac OS/X be great?
My distro is aimed mainly at this.
Although I don't think they should move the focus of the OS at all. Function is much more important. Leave it to ppl like me to make distros that look cool Smile.
Post 19 Mar 2004, 08:03
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