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It been tough trying to stay on top with FASM while kind of sadly learning a bit about the other-side but whatever the issue was yesterday when I tried to do my weekly reading here (mostly the old school pages) but the site was down all day and/or all night (at lease I could not connect here, only). I actually almost went into compulsion, thinking our young KING (Einstein) done went off to the Islands for a vacation. Since I have not learn all my FASM lessons yet, my heart sunk... Will he come back after experiencing the Bahama, Hawaii and the Virgin Islands??? So I hit google real H-A-R-D and the only thing google came up with was ... THE WHOLE STORY:


... I never understood it all but I'm so glad I made that move to learn some FASM expecially after reading that. For me, it's the only thing other than Kryptonite or a beach-bomb Hotties that can makes me blink. Sorry but I'm always so graphic and proud.

My guest is; it must be clean-up week!
Post 11 Mar 2011, 19:24
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