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typedef 21 Feb 2011, 03:52
Ok So i thought I would implement a biological Virus cell. But Alas, being such a slacker and the fact that I'm tired. I decided to give up. Very Happy

The program was almost done and there are some debugging variables in there.

Feel free to take it as your own, i have no interest in it any more. My life is in need of encouragement, because I like to give up on things.

So here's the code. Assuming you know C/C++


format pe console 4.0

include 'win32ax.inc'
include 'api/kernel32.inc'

        INFINITE         EQU     0xFFFFFFFF
        GENERIC_LIFESPAN EQU     0xFA0 ; 4,000 Milliseconds
entry main

    notify_produce    db  '*A new cell with DNA code: [0x%x] has been produced by parent cell with DNA code: [0x%x]',10,10\
                         ,'Cell with DNA code: [0x%x] has children: %u.',10,10,0

    notify_Population db 'There is now a total of %u cell(s).',10,10,0

    notify_death      db 'Cell with DNA code 0x%x has died, Sad news !',10,13,0
    cell_age dd 0
    cell_stage dd 1;  stages are 1 to 6
    msg_0 DB 'This is a simple implementation of a biological virus cell.'\
             ,10,10,'This virus cell will grow and produce other viruses as it grows.'\
             ,10,10,'It will reproduce at a certain age and also die at a certain age.'\
             ,13,10,'|Created by typedef - 2011                                       |'\

    ;Create a structure holding the cell's info
    struct CELL
           dwDNA       dd ? ; DNA of the cell
           dwAge       dd ? ; How long has the cell lived ? Maximum age is 4 Minutes old
           dwChildren  dd ? ; How many cells has this 'mother-cell' reproduced ? Will alway end up to be 1 Smile
           dwTimeStamp dd ? ; When did it first come into existence (Calculated in Minutes)
           hHandle     dd ? ; Just a handle for destroying it so it doesn't clutter up in the system.
           dwCelliD    dd ? ; Will contain system thread id. This thread's ID, the child one will be dwDNA


           dwCellPop   dd 0 ; Cell population; Static data member

 cellParent CELL 0,0,0,0,0  ; Initialize first
 cellTemp   CELL

    proc main
     invoke SetConsoleTitle,'A biological virus cell implementation'
     cinvoke printf,msg_0
     mov     [cellParent.dwAge],1       ; Increase every 1000 Milliseconds
     INC     [dwCellPop]
     MOV     [cellParent.dwTimeStamp],1  ; If timestamp

     ; Create the parent cell
     push   cellParent.dwDNA
     push   0
     push   cellParent         ;Pass this cell's instance as a parameter
     push   The_Life_Of_A_Cell ;Give it a life (LOL, a life, atleast I have a life, and I have given a life to a thing)
     push   0
     push   0
     call   [CreateThread]

     mov    [cellParent.hHandle],eax

     XOR    EAX,EAX

     call   [GetCurrentThreadId]

     MOV    [cellParent.dwCelliD],EAX
     ; Now what, hmmmmm..... Wait for the cell, right ?
     invoke WaitForSingleObject,[cellParent.hHandle],INFINITE
            CMP EAX,WAIT_OBJECT_0

            JNE .Not_Done
            cinvoke  printf,'The virus ecosystem doesn''t exist anymore. Sad Huh ?'

     invoke system,'pause'

     push eax
     call [ExitProcess]
; This procedure creates another cell from the given cells DNA and ID
  proc  Make_Another_Cell_From_Cell
        PUSH ESP
        MOV  EBX,[ESP+4]

        MOV  EAX,[ESP+CELL.dwCelliD]

        MOV [cellTemp.dwCelliD],EAX
        MOV [cellTemp.dwDNA],0
        MOV [cellTemp.dwChildren],0
        MOV [cellTemp.dwTimeStamp],1
        MOV [cellTemp.hHandle],0
        MOV [cellTemp.dwAge],1

        invoke CreateThread,0,0,The_Life_Of_A_Cell,cellTemp,0,[cellTemp.dwDNA]
        MOV    [cellTemp.hHandle],EAX

        cinvoke WaitForSingleObject,EAX,INFINITE

        POP ESP

;As this program is the grand / mother of all cell's. It will create it's first child here
proc Cell_Reproduce ; void Cell_Reproduce(CELL *lpCell);
     MOV  EBX,[ESP+8]

          ccall Make_Another_Cell_From_Cell,EBX

          ;;;cinvoke printf,notify_death,[EBX+CELL.dwAge] this was here for testing, Jeez leave me alone Very Happy
     POP  ESP
proc Notify_Cell_Produced   ; VOID Notify_Cell_Produced (CELL *lpCell);
               ;not done
     POP ESP
; main cell Procedure
; This is the life of each cell. Each cell with have it's own image of this life
proc The_Life_Of_A_Cell;, LPVOID:DWORD <------- save some bytes here Smile


     MOV EBX,[ESP+8]
     ;Create a local variable pointing to this cell
     ; I was using EBP here, so It doesn't exist anymore. You'll know what to do

     MOV ECX,[EBX+CELL.dwChildren]

     INC [EBX+CELL.dwChildren]

     ;Print to screen the Cell's life data
     cinvoke printf,notify_produce,[EBX+CELL.dwCelliD],[EBX+CELL.dwDNA],[EBX+CELL.dwDNA],[EBX+CELL.dwChildren]
     MOV     EAX,[dwCellPop]
     ADD     EAX,[EBX+CELL.dwChildren]
     MOV     [dwCellPop],EAX
     cinvoke printf,notify_Population,[dwCellPop]

    ;Now, grow the cell up to four minutes, every second

     CMP   [EBX+CELL.dwAge], 120 ; 2minutes Is cell mature enough to reproduce ?  2 mins old yet ?
     JNE   .TooYoungOrTooOld

     ccall Cell_Reproduce,EBX


     CMP   [EBX+CELL.dwAge],GENERIC_LIFESPAN;  4 minutes, die mfkr die !! !!
     JGE   .Cell_Dies

     invoke     Sleep,1000 ;    Sleep for 1 second
     INC        [EBX+CELL.dwAge] ; aging ? every living thing grows, Hey :/
     JMP        .Grow_Cell

     invoke    CloseHandle,[EBX+CELL.hHandle]
     invoke    TerminateThread,[EBX+CELL.dwDNA]
    ; ADD       ESP,4    ;Clear the previous 4 allocated bytes
    ; <----------- Again, I was using EBP previously so don't be like 'Uhhhg'
          POP ESP

section '.idata' import data readable
        library kernel32,'kernel32.dll',\
                msvc  ,  'msvcrt.dll'
 import msvc,\

You can see that some procedures are not being called because I wasn't done. So yeah, have fun figuring it out: JK

I also have some other projects that I never finished Very Happy, you want the source? Ask & it shall be given to ya. Very Happy
Post 21 Feb 2011, 03:52
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Joined: 21 Jul 2003
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bitRAKE 23 Feb 2011, 03:54
Why a thread for each cell - are they computationally heavy objects?

You do realize cells can grow exponentially?
Post 23 Feb 2011, 03:54
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Joined: 25 Jul 2010
Posts: 2909
Location: 0x77760000
typedef 23 Feb 2011, 05:46
the whole point of it was multithreading

get it now? Very Happy
and the cell is just a simple one with a life span of 4 mins.
Post 23 Feb 2011, 05:46
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