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Tyler 16 Jan 2011, 01:44
My objective is to light an LED. So far, I have the circuit ready and the program *almost* working. That's what I need help with. I want to set RA1 high, but while executing the following code, I tested all pins(in case I messed up on the numbering/positioning) with a multimeter, and none of the pins, other than Vdd and Vss, registered.

Is there a problem in my code? I noticed that when ran in a simulator, PORTA(0x05) never changes value, I assumed this was normal since it is not average memory, but it could also be the effect of a bug.

STATUS equ 03h
PORTA        equ 05h
PORTB        equ 06h
TRISA        equ 85h
TRISB        equ 86h

    call    init
        movlw   02h
 xorwf   PORTA,01h
    movlw   0ffh
        call    delay
       call    delay
       goto    main

; switch to bank 1
  bsf     STATUS,05h
; clear bit 1 to set RA1 to out
       bcf     TRISA,01h
; switch back
  bcf     STATUS,05h

     movwf   20h
 decfsz  20h,01h
     goto    wait
Post 16 Jan 2011, 01:44
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edfed 20 Feb 2011, 10:19
can the PORTA(5) be configured as you want? if you refer to the datasheet, maybe you will find a little line saying: porta bit 5 cannot be configured as output... something like that.

it is the case for the pic12F675, where some pin of GPIO that cannot be configured as input, a read on this pin will always be 1.
Post 20 Feb 2011, 10:19
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