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hello everybody.
what i suppose is that this is only readable by humans. (i include in 'human', programs, that are created to extend human capacity)

how can we, humans, communicate for example with a cat?
a rat?
a bird?

how can it be possible to imagine a world where we will help animals, and have help from them, via communication, maybe money, but extend the humanity...
in fact, consider and be considered by other species as brothers.


a spider that lives in a dark corner:
"please, can you put my web onto the window border?"
i will displace the web, carefully, with the help of the spider.
"that's ok, later, there will be a moskito, i hope you will catch him"
the cat comes, and says,
"hello spidy, good idea ot put your web there"

but, how to enter in communication with an animal?

few days ago, i entered in contact with a baby lizard (~4cm including tail).
i gave him a little worm
after, he walked on the table, i putted signs on a little paper, and while i wrote, the lizard reacted on the signs.
the human face, the lizard face, a spider, etc, all had an influence on the lizard.

later, i lost him.
and yesterday, i found him scratched and dry under the laptop... Sad RIP the lizard.
Post 31 Dec 2010, 03:26
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Maybe the creatures are not capable of communicating in the way you desire. I doubt that a fly could ever do anything more than it already does. There is just not the brain connections available to use for communication at a higher level.

Perhaps a computer analogy would help here: A simple CPU like a 4004 with 128 nibbles of RAM and 128 nibbles of ROM running at 10kHz is not going to be able to connect to a website with TCP/IP, download a JPG picture, convert it to RGB, and display it on a HD LCD screen. And no matter how hard you try to reprogram the ROM you just won't ever be able to make it do it. There are too many limitations too overcome.
Post 31 Dec 2010, 03:38
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