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bogdanontanu 11 Mar 2004, 06:06
Lately i have been testing SOLAR OS with multiple PC emulators...and while i was doing this i have also tested MenuetOS...

SOLAR OS works ok with all emulators Very Happy

Below are my testings with Menuet:

Bochs -free GPL
Menuet OS runs ok under Bochs since Bochs supports most VESA 24/32bits video modes. However it runs very slowly... patience is required

Vmvare - tiral
Well it runs only in standard VGA 16 colors,
vmware is much faster than Bochs but in 16colors Sad can not see much

The main problem here is that vmware has no support for VESA modes with 24/32bits of colors... looks like vmvare only supports 16bits per color modes. (i was plain lucky as SOLAR OS runs in 65536 colors now)

Also take care as vmvare does NOT support ATA-Identify command.

Virtual PC 2004 - trial
This is the fastest emulator IMHO
Unfortunately MenuetOS crashes at initialization...
Menuet waits a lot of time at mouse setup: looks like a timeout to me...
And then crashes right after pressing Esc to start with and exception

Bochs needs a special "latest" video BIOS and normal BIOS for VESA modes (change setup script)

Vmware wants floppy image to be a little biger than the maximum read sector but can smaller than 1.44M
Vmware presence can be detected

Virtual PC wants the floppy image to be exactly 1.44M Wink
Also Virtual_PC2004 reads a real floppy very very slow...

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Post 11 Mar 2004, 06:06
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Joined: 26 Oct 2003
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Kain 11 Mar 2004, 17:24
Does SOS run on Bochs? If so, can you provide the .bochsrc?
Post 11 Mar 2004, 17:24
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Joined: 20 Feb 2004
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StringCheesian 11 Mar 2004, 21:09
VMWare does support vesa. Maybe it's just the trial version that doesn't.
Post 11 Mar 2004, 21:09
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