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Hi guys,

Is there any implemented code in FASM to dynamically create common data structures like tree, lists, etc.?

I have seen that revolution has implemented macros for static lists, but what about dynamic lists? So, we can add, delete, find elements in runtime.

Post 04 Oct 2010, 19:30
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a tree is a succession of lists.
a list is a succession of words

to dynamically create lists and trees (nodes), you should provide two fields:
the datastructure type, a word signifiyng the method to use to expoit the structure.

the size of the structure that can be dynamically changed, but needs a lot more datas at the end in case of expanssion.

personnaly, i code in asm for the methods
and i code in trees for the applications.

it gives this result:
        Gnode .x,.y,.xl,.yl,\
.frm:   Frame 0,0,.xl,.yl,.c4
        Gnode 1,1,.xl-2,.tyl,\
@@:     Txt 20,3,0,0,.c2,.title,1,font85
.box:   Box 0,0,.xl-2,.tyl,.c1-18
.xbut:  But 4,5,11,11,.c4,poussoirx,exit.x
.title: db 'Template',0
        align 4
        Gnode 1,.tyl+1,.xl-2,.yl-.tyl-2,\
.back:  Box 0,0,.xl-2,.yl-.tyl-2,.c1-20
.app:   Gnode 0,0,.xl-2,.yl-.tyl-2,\
.hex    dd f.numhex,.str,0,8
.txt:   Txt 6,15,0,0,.c2,.str,0,led85
.str:   db '00000000',0

Gnode means Graphic Node
Node means Node
the rest are items.

the useage of the macro for lists
List elem1,elem2,elem3,elem4,elem5,elem6

the macro for list
macro List [element] {
  local .a
        dd .a-$-4
        dd element
Post 04 Oct 2010, 19:52
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