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shoorick 20 Sep 2010, 10:26
Its a kind of summary, or ready solution.

If you have to develop some code for i8080A you will need:
- assembler
- platform to run
- debugger
also it would be very nice to have something ready for visualisation and interactive interface between running program and user

assembler: there are some free and shareware assemblers for this CPU. none of them are not so flexible like fasm Wink you may use fasm with realisation of 8080 opcodes with macros (take it there). it's not perfect! macros provide realisation, but not restrict you to 8080 syntaxis! you still may use (occasionally or intentionally) most of x86 instructions in your code, or misuse registers etc. (as i'm not developing a nuclear reactor controlling, so i do not care about this very much). obviously you may compare disassembled code (say, from debugger) with your to find very fast such things. if you are switching to often from one cpu to another it is fairly recomended to use IDE with syntax highlight: you will see many errors while typing (like "dec b" or "inx eax" etc. Razz ), i'm using, as you may guess, WinAsm Studio for this.

platform to run
what can i suggest? mmm... only what i do know as good as my five fingers Smile you may use homebrew PC "Specialist", very popular some years ago in USSR. even if you have no ever saw it, it is quiet simple and durable, so you will learn it as fast, as if you would learn any other simulation system. with it you will have not only 8080 code execution, but not bad screen and ready code for most required application: print char or string, get char or string, print hex byte and some other. and you do not need to sharp your soldering iron for this - it is quiet good emulated with free emulator Wink

debugger - you may use like emulator embedded debugger, as well as load software emulator, etc.

generally, there are existing modifications which runs cp/m-80 with all its features, but i'm personally not known on it well, so, can not suggest you anything with it.

you may find some additional info on Specialist and emu in spez.zip, and small tutorial how to get start

Filename: tut8080.
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Filename: spec.zip
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UNICODE forever!

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Post 20 Sep 2010, 10:26
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ouadji 20 Sep 2010, 13:41

the 8080A from Zilog ... (and the 6502) ...
What great memories !

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Post 20 Sep 2010, 13:41
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