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TUAN_CD 01 Sep 2010, 05:27
I saw fdisk who send me.Thanks:D Very Happy
I not freetime.Because earn one’s living
Now,I have question about FAT
I found FAT32 bootloader on web .I want to test it.But not format HDD.How to run it ?
Please guide for me a-z
I have qemu.How to config it to boot HDD ?
I not CD-RW.
I can convert img to .iso.I know mkisofs can.but what command ?
command dd of Linux in DOS is ?
All FAT can run not DOS,windows ?
MacOS,window have VFS
VFS can read file not need know FAT12/16/32 or ext ?
I want to Create command cat,del,edit for file & makedir create folder with VFS by TCC & FASM.for me c code
.Because earn one’s living ought to simple code for me,Please!
Boot have USB-CDROM,USB-HDD.I can boot from USB ?
I want to escape Linux,DOS,windows
Sorry,If long.because I not freetime!
Thanks good friend:D Very Happy

I like make OS
Post 01 Sep 2010, 05:27
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Joined: 07 Jun 2010
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Location: Viet Nam
pearlz 04 Sep 2010, 11:06
1: Write it with fasm syntax
2: complie it to bin (raw code) with fasm
3: use any hexa editor tool (can be HxD in hiren boot CD)
3: Write raw code complied to MBR (masterboot) of USB drive
(with HxD chose open hard drive to chose physical drive not logical drive you can see USB drive of you in dialog named removeable disk if you chose logical disk you can see bootsector only) or you can use dd in linux or grub.
- addition you can complie it then copy it to %homedrive% goto boot.ini add new line as
c:\name of it="Name of menu you want see in boot screen"
:d i'm Vietnamese too

welcome to VietNam!
Post 04 Sep 2010, 11:06
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