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Tyler 11 Aug 2010, 07:00
I have part of my trampoline done(It was perfect, then I decided I want a higher half kernel.), the way it gets linked into my kernel causes it to be at 0x1000000 but all symbols are linked as if it was at 0xc0000000.

Here's my code:
format elf
extrn 'main' as main
public trampoline as 'trampoline'

section '.text' executable
   mov       eax,[gdtr.gdt]
   call      vtop
   mov       [gdtr.gdt],eax
   mov       eax,gdtr
   call      vtop
   lgdt      [eax]
   jmp       8:@f ; I've tried : - (0xc0000000 - 0x1000000) Error: value out of range
   mov       dword[0xb8000], 'e r ' ; Test that never gets printed
   mov       ax,16
   mov       ds,ax
   mov       es,ax
   mov       fs,ax
   mov       gs,ax
   mov       ss,ax
   mov       esp,0x7c00

   ; Enable paging
   push      ebx
   push      eax
   call      main
   mov       dword[0xb8000], 'e r '
   mov       dword[0xb8004], 'r o '
   mov       dword[0xb8008], 'r : '
   mov       dword[0xb800c], 'r e '
   mov       dword[0xb8010], 't   '
   mov       dword[0xb8014], 'b y '
   mov       dword[0xb8018], '  m '
   mov       dword[0xb801c], 'a i '
   mov       dword[0xb8020], 'n ! '

   ; Turn virtual addr into physical addr
   sub       eax,(0xc0000000 - 0x1000000)

section '.data' writeable
   .size dw gdt_size
   .gdt dd gdt

         dq 0
         dw 0xffff
         dw 0x0000
         db 0x00
         db 10011010b
         db 11001111b
         db 0x00
         dw 0xffff
         dw 0x0000
         db 0x00
         db 10010010b
         db 11001111b
         db 0x00
Post 11 Aug 2010, 07:00
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