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hi guys,
i was thinking about DIY a solar panel.

anyone could suggest the parts,,,
i saw some here,,


anyone willing to help?
Post 22 Jul 2010, 01:06
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When all else fails, read the source

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The link is not working.

But from my experience with Farnell it will be a very expensive way to do anything at Farnell prices.
Post 22 Jul 2010, 01:10
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yep, farnell is expensive, for electronic components, use radiospares.

for solar pannels, i think it is not a DIY stuff, because you cannot create the cell.

but for the installation of manufactured panels, just try to directlly contact a manufacturer, maybe he can make prices if you buy a lot.

another energy that is really frequent is the wind, don't forget it.

the wind is more frequent (day and night) than sun (that only appears when the sun shines).

some wind energy engines can be made by hand.
just find a good aternator, and it is ok to generate energy.

if you live close a river, use the water energy too.

with enouth batteries and generators, you can power yourself without any external supply.

a first step would be to quantify the energy you can obtain with each generator.

just test with a 10W wind generator, a 10W solar panel, and a 10W water generator. use them one entire year, at the end of the year, just check the results.
see the best compromise price/quantity/time.
install the energy you need.
Post 22 Jul 2010, 01:26
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I bought most of my solar stuff used. The panels were pull outs from people who didn't like them or what ever. Going down the one side of the house I have an awning made of panels, not that many, I still need a bunch more. My inverters are old 15 amp ups's that were mostly getting thrown away because the battery died and I just disable the charge part and wire them into a 15 amp breaker line in the house. I've got 4 lines right now and will just keep adding as I happen across cheep parts. Helped 3 friends do the wind mill thing. Stock alternators are far from an ideal way to go, but are cheep and the way 2 of them went, just go down to the junk yard, pull one out with along with the regulator, hook up some kind of prop and put it up on a pipe or tower. Very cheep and makes a lot of noise, but does make power. The other was a kit meant for wind power, makes twice the power and just as much noise. We have a wind farm about 10 miles from us, on a windy day you can start to hear it from about 5 miles. Mostly only cows and a few crops out there, so the noise isn't a problem, except for the few farmers. Don't know much about water power on the small scale. In the US there is a deal where the power company is required to buy any extra power you make, you make extra during the day and use extra at night, kind of evens out. You need to have approved equipment though and I'm to cheep for that Smile
Post 22 Jul 2010, 04:03
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