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and when we die, we return to an over dimension, where speeds are all faster than light speed. because it is over the space time, and we have a drink, discussing about lives we had right now.

i felt the same.


one other theory of life is that we (humans) never invent anything, just make an emulation of what we found in the nature. then, it means that MMORPG is an emulation of what is the life, exactlly as medias to be an emulation of the inter cellular communication, our life in society like the cellular life in a body, etc... analogies are infinites.

felt the same too..


The benefit of believe in an afterlife is that it's comforting. I don't want to believe that my death will be the last thing that will ever exist, I want to believe that I(or something of me) lives on in some way... that death isn't the end of experience.

me too, i don't believe and hard to accept if death is the last thing, how about my memories, my suffering, my happiness, my pain, my knowledge, my ideas and so on.


Maybe we are all in the Matrix? Could we ever know?

if we subscribed to this view, then we all must be given a choice, blue or red pill, then we choose if we want to go into another matrix or stay on here.

everything could be matrix after all, if we are in n dimension, then after dead, we go to n+1 dimension, then how about the n+infinity dimension that we could go, it never end.


Humans are also spiritual, and fortunately, reality is not his only motivation ...

"reality is not his only motivation" so, in your opinion, whats the "mojo" for extra motivation? share with me? k?
Post 04 Jul 2010, 23:35
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