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bobsobol 09 Jun 2010, 15:15
section '.rdata' data readable export import
library Kernel32, KERNEL32.dll
include 'api\kernel32.inc'
call [GetCurrentThread]    

Error: undefined symbol 'GetCurrentThread'

And yet it is defined in 'api\kernel32.inc'... I've tried all sorts of simple combinations to get syntax it may accept, but get the same result.

The manual only tells you how to "invoke" or "stdcall" DLL imports, and states that they are both interpreted as
invoke MessageBox,0,szText,szCaption,MB_OK    
stdcall [MessageBox],0,szText,szCaption,MB_OK    
push MB_OK
push szCaption
push szText
push 0
call [MessageBox]    
So why can't I manually write the final form?

Do I need to be more specific [KERNEL32!GetCurrentThread] or [KERNEL32:GetCurrentThread] or DWord[GetCurrentThread] all seem to work out the same. :s

Actually... my include clearly isn't working, as "invoke GetCurrentThread" isn't working either. So how have I got that wrong?

I'm sure it's simple syntax issue.

Post 09 Jun 2010, 15:15
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baldr 09 Jun 2010, 15:38

API\KERNEL32.INC expects import macro to be defined. import macro from MACRO\IMPORT32.INC expects library macro to be invoked (its expansion from API\KERNEL32.INC invocation is effectively nothing if kernel32.referred isn't defined).

FASM symbols are case-sensitive (Kernel32 != kernel32). library macro expects even argument to be a string.

You may use extended headers to simplify import (API\KERNEL32.INC is a supplementary include file for WIN32[AW]X.INC).
Post 09 Jun 2010, 15:38
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When all else fails, read the source

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revolution 09 Jun 2010, 15:42
Well you didn't post all of your code so we don't know what is really wrong, but the library macro needs a string parameter.
library kernel32, 'KERNEL32.dll'    
Post 09 Jun 2010, 15:42
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Joined: 31 May 2010
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bobsobol 09 Jun 2010, 19:50
Complete source listing exceeds 23Meg... I think nobody would read it. XD

Thanks for the responses.

Let's see if I can minimise the true source to essential parts.

format PE GUI 4.0
entry EntryPoint

include 'win32a.inc'

include 'macro.inc'
include 'static.inc'
include 'data.inc'

section '.text' code readable executable 

win32a.inc you all have and know.

ptr    equ    
Just for compatibility reasons with old ASM.

section '.rdata' data readable export import
include '.\imports.inc'
Lots of dd, db, dw, db xxx DUP (?) and so on.

 library DSound, DSOUND.dll, \
         ODBC32, ODBC32.dll, \
         Kernel32, KERNEL32.dll, \
         User32, USER32.dll, \
         GDI32, GDI32.dll, \
         AdvAPI32, ADVAPI32.dll, \
         Shell32, SHELL32.dll, \
         OLE32, ole32.dll, \
         Custom, Custom.dll, \
         DDraw, DDRAW.dll, \
         WinMM, WINMM.dll, \
         ShlWAPI, SHLWAPI.dll, \
         WinINet, WININET.dll, \
         IMM32, IMM32.dll, \
         CustomSQL, CustomSQLDll.dll

; library DSound, DSOUND.dll
 import DSound,\
        DirectSoundEnumerate,'DirectSoundEnumerateA'    ; DSOUND.dll!DSOUND.1

; library ODBC, ODBC32.dll
 import ODBC32,\
        SQLBindParam, 'SQLBindParam', \                         ; ODBC32.24
        SQLExecute, 'SQLExecute', \                             ; ODBC32.11
        SQLCancel, 'SQLCancel', \                               ; ODBC32.4
        SQLFreeConnect, 'SQLFreeConnect', \                     ; ODBC32.13
        SQLGetCursorName, 'SQLGetCursorName', \                 ; ODBC32.16
        SQLGetConnectAttr, 'SQLGetConnectAttr', \               ; ODBC32.31
        SQLError, 'SQLError', \                                 ; ODBC32.9
        SQLSetStmtAttr, 'SQLSetStmtAttr', \                     ; ODBC32.75
        SQLDescribeCol, 'SQLDescribeCol'                        ; ODBC32.7

 include 'api\kernel32.inc'

 include 'api\user32.inc'

 include 'api\gdi32.inc'
 include 'api\advapi32.inc'

 include 'api\SHELL32.inc'

; library OLE32, ole32.dll
 import OLE32, \
        CoUninitialize, 'CoUninitialize', \
        CoCreateInstance, 'CoCreateInstance', \
        CoInitialize, 'CoInitialize'

; library Custom, Custom.dll
 import Custom, \
        DecryptFunc, '?DecryptFunc@@YAHPAD0@Z'

; library DDraw, DDRAW.dll
 import DDraw, \
        DirectDrawCreate, 'DirectDrawCreate'

; library WinMM, WINMM.dll
 import WinMM, \
        timeGetTime, 'timeGetTime', \
        timeEndPeriod, 'timeEndPeriod', \
        mixerSetControlDetails, 'mixerSetControlDetails', \
        mixerGetLineInfo, 'mixerGetLineInfoA', \
        mixerGetLineControls, 'mixerGetLineControlsA', \
        mixerGetControlDetails, 'mixerGetControlDetailsA', \
        mixerGetDevCaps, 'mixerGetDevCapsA', \
        mixerOpen, 'mixerOpen', \
        mixerClose, 'mixerClose', \
        mmioGetInfo, 'mmioGetInfo', \
        mmioAdvance, 'mmioAdvance', \
        mmioSetInfo, 'mmioSetInfo', \
        mmioSeek, 'mmioSeek', \
        mmioOpen, 'mmioOpenA', \
        mmioDescend, 'mmioDescend', \
        mmioRead, 'mmioRead', \
        mmioAscend, 'mmioAscend', \
        mmioClose, 'mmioClose', \
        timeBeginPeriod, 'timeBeginPeriod', \
        timeSetEvent, 'timeSetEvent', \
        timeKillEvent, 'timeKillEvent'

; library ShlWAPI, SHLWAPI.dll
 import ShlWAPI, \
        PathFileExists, 'PathFileExistsA'

; library WinINet, WININET.dll
 import WinINet, \
        HttpQueryInfo, 'HttpQueryInfoA', \
        InternetCloseHandle, 'InternetCloseHandle', \
        InternetQueryDataAvailable, 'InternetQueryDataAvailable', \
        InternetOpen, 'InternetOpenA', \
        InternetOpenUrl, 'InternetOpenUrlA', \
        InternetReadFile, 'InternetReadFile'

; library IMM32, IMM32.dll
 import IMM32, \
        ImmSetConversionStatus, 'ImmSetConversionStatus', \
        ImmGetContext, 'ImmGetContext', \
        ImmSetCompositionWindow, 'ImmSetCompositionWindow', \
        ImmSetOpenStatus, 'ImmSetOpenStatus'

 include 'api\wsock32.inc'

; library CustomSQL, CustomSQLDll.dll
 import CustomSQL, \
        SQLDelCharProcess, '?SQLDelCharProcess@@YAHPAD0@Z', \
        SQLAddCharProcess, '?SQLAddCharProcess@@YAHPAD0@Z', \
        SQLLoginProcess, '?SQLLoginProcess@@YAHPAD@Z', \
        SQLLogoutProcess, '?SQLLogoutProcess@@YAHPAD000KH@Z'    
I stripped some large comment blocks.

section '.data' data readable writeable
;lots more dd, dw, db etc
include 'undefined.inc'    

;lost of labels with db    xxx    DUP   (?)

It's probably a matter of mixed case... I'll go back over the official includes and check the case they use.

Yes... case, and putting single quotes around the DLL names in "library" definition seem to do the trick.

I will port to FASM yet. ^_^ Thanks baldr.
Post 09 Jun 2010, 19:50
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