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Ugh... I can't believe it took me this long to finally understand this... Embarassed

The only way to rotate on the local axis is to keep track of what they are on the global axis (inevitably resulting in storing 3 3d vectors [9 numbers total])... This is actually intuitive, but i guess it would just make too much sense. Or, i'm just that bad at visualizing things (even when i got a 3d library to mess with Embarassed). It could be possible to convert that back to 1 vector in relationship to the world, however that would probably take more speed and (maybe) memory... (Actually, you could get away with keeping track of only 2, because one of the axis will be a cross product between the other 2.)

Anyway, i finally got what i needed (I vaguely understand it, but i'm having trouble visualizing the routine because of being kind of weak in trig, but i do get all the sines, cosines, and generally what's going on). Thank you all for your help.

(BTW, for those of you skittish of the LookAt function, it's very easily replaced).
Post 26 Apr 2010, 15:15
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