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PathagenX 24 Feb 2004, 09:52
Please forgive my english 4 I M drunk.

Ok, I have two computers that I wish to get MenuetOS on.

1 is my main computer::
Compaq Armarda (Lap)
PS2ish mouse thingy.

This boots up fine and runs a dream, except after a numerous range of proccesses, I lose control of the mouse and the cuture makes a quick exist, nere to return.
Hel please?

Secon is:
AcerNote 350C
Chips&Tech 65520 525/530
VESA 1.02
Max 640x480x16b (vid mode 2?)
ps2 mouse

This one loads up and all, rather fine, but then stops after loading the cursor. The cursor is responsive, but does nothing but draw white in its path. I have tried this in both 640x480 SVGA modes, plus the two lessar modes and it still refuses to get any further
(Minimum memory option is 16MB - Ish that the problem?)

The guy that was playing around with the idea of an instant messenger application: Post up whatever scraps or mess of code that you have so far maybe? I think that would take priority over improving on the web browser atleast.

The guy thinking about making a PPPOE system: Go for it!!!! MeOS is a modern OS, so needs modern internet capabilaties, no? It would make you a very serverable system too Wink

Talking about a Command Line Interface: Well, it may go against the grain of MeOS, but a command line interface is still around for a reason, it is not a GUI interface... I think it would expand the possabilaties of MeOS more then a forced GUI mode can. Also, wouldn't it make porting of DOS ASMs MUCH cooler and easier?

How is the improvement of the dialer coming along? I think it is fair to say that a 'usable' inet connection is a missing, vital organ. Please please please please please please please please please get more port support then "Modem connected to COM1".

For now I am on WFW, so will be very happy to format, FDISK FAT32 and throw on MeOS.. Oh and 8MB RAM support and FAT16 support would not be a bad investment - Especially since alot of MeOS clients will be looking to get away from bloatware demanded hardware restrictions. Since there is as-of-yet no memory manager, the RAM part should be simple, no?

*hugs all* SEEYA Very Happy

Let us endeavour to live, so that when we die even the undertaker will be sorry.
Post 24 Feb 2004, 09:52
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