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We had a little extra time laying around and we made a real-life computer-readable image of the FASM binary for Linux. As many of you geeks likely already know, it's called QR-Code, a Japanese standard and it can be read using cellphones or webcams using open-source software. As far as accounts go, unlike many other similar technologies, this one actually works.


Find it here:

Print out a copy and save it for posterity. Or if you one day find yourself with a Linux box, with all the fancy HLL tools but without FASM, you don't have an Internet connection and feel lost, just scan it up and decode!

We had a little trouble getting the binary to encode, so we used hex-encoding and packaged that in seperate images (since there is a limit on how much data you can store in QR-Code). I'm sure you guys can do better if anyone is willing to waste a little more time on this. Wink

We used:
1. Created a .tar.bz2 from the Linux binary
2. $ xxd -p < fasm.tar.bz2 | tr -d "\n" > fasm.tar.bz2.xxd (to get a no-nonsense hexdump)
3. $ split -b 4112 fasm.tar.bz2.xxd (to split it into manageable files)
4. for i in $( ls -1 x* ); do qrencode -s 1 -i -o $i.png < $i; done (to make the pngs)

qrencode is a (heresy!) C program for QR encoding.

Needless to say, these witty images look pretty awesome with short ASM code snippets or the like. Feel the optimization! You could backup code on paper. Or you could wear a scannable "Hello World" program on a T-shirt.

Or maybe a virus:
(...don't worry, it's only a test bug...)

Or possibly some more subtle crashes-windows message box code?

Have fun!

EDIT: You may want to help yourself with this:

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can be used as desktop background Wink
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