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assume today i am 65,

i hope my body is still in healthy state like today,

i hope i already dispose all things that i don't need to continue every day life, just need a tiny shelter, food, clothes and a means of transport.

i hope i don't have to work anymore, no more debts, just filling time with reading, understand more stuffs, taste some nice food, enjoy some nice scenes, listening to some nice songs, melodies

what is today if i couldn't remember yesterday?

visit some old lanes i used to walk, my old school, workplace,

there is nothing much to bring over there, except some concrete memories, i guess.

nothing seems important, i guess, anymore,

i don't think i wanna have kids, but if, some how, i got kids, i hope i could communicate with them very well,

realize and accept there is not much meaning in this life except what we intend to put inside,

realize that death could come any moment, would feel lucky if medical science by then could double or triple human lifespan,

the noble values of a peaceful life and society,
never purposely and knowingly take advantages on others people,
never purposely and knowingly exploit others,
everybody is just equal, marching to our own tomb,

i hope they found MH370 and knew what is really happening that day,

maybe a trip to somewhere above atmosphere? or south pole or north pole?
i hope i could rest forever in one of these 3 places.

maybe cuddle together those penguins?
Post 21 Mar 2016, 22:18
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