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Joined: 02 Feb 2005
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windwakr wrote:
You spend your online lives in bubbles, safe from viruses

You've been repeating this on and on. But in the end of the day, YOU are the one getting infected or having your data corrupted/deleted, not US.

Personally, the only experience I want from the Internet is getting information I don't already have and exchanging ideas through forums or mails. I couldn't care less about "missing" 10 animated banners in one page, a house loan or breast implant ad at the right and a flashy defiling menu at the top. All these do nothing to enhance my online experience. They inhibit it and annoy me.
As for offline experience, I rarely need anything new for my work, other than updates and bug/security fixes of course. I've already tested the software I use (I also use 30+ years old software). It works very well, I'm happy with it and I can't even think of switching to other software.

And yeah, security and safety (not paranoia as you say) has never stopped us from connecting to the Internet and enjoying the good things people have to offer on it since its inception and commercialization.

Have fun disinfecting your machine when you get viruses or wondering what the buggy software did, what happened and what exactly you lost.

Stay unsafe [sic].
Post 25 Sep 2009, 14:43
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revolution wrote:
Borsuc: I think I would not like to live in Romania if that is how you all live your lives, in fear of being stabbed. Confused
That was an overexaggeration Razz

Previously known as The_Grey_Beast
Post 25 Sep 2009, 16:20
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